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Taylor Swift Nude Photo: Real Or Fake?

In the last few months, no stories got bigger attention than when naked pictures of stars hit the internet.  The list is constantly growing: Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera, and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few, have had pictures make headlines.

The latest entry in the leaked (allegedly) nude photo club: Taylor Swift.  The pictures first went up on the site, and the website is facing a lawsuit from Swift’s camp.

But is it really her?

taylor swift topless edit 0 Taylor Swift Nude Photo: Real Or Fake?taylor swift topless edi 02 Taylor Swift Nude Photo: Real Or Fake?

  • sergio

    you know wut im with bean im hesitant to type in the website that contains this pic… i think if you guys remove the black out ill let you guys know if its her … = )

  • Stacey Greene (@stacey1939)

    It’s real, but it’s not Taylor Swift.

  • Alexandra

    definitely not taylor . if you look in the background there is a chicago bulls locker , first off why would she have this , but more importantly if this was taylor’s it would have the number 13 not 14. Taylor loves the number 13

  • Chris Ekstedt

    If it’s not Taylor Swift then your posting kiddie porn.. cuz that lady is young.

  • Scotty

    Yeah, at a glance you could say so, but! once you actually look at it all the dissimilarities pop out (Ha! Get it? :P) Like the first and foremost, Why would Taylor be in such a lower middle class room? Did she loose all her millions and have to move back in with her parents like so many other young adult americans in these crucial times. Second, we all know how beautiful Mz. Swift is but we also know how pale the poor girl is and I don’t know about you but that doesn’t look like a Jersey Shores spray tan to me. That girl in the pic looks naturally tanned unless they invented a tan-a-ray light bulb in the mid west. She isn’t as white as Taylor. And Lastly, this girl seems of avergae tall lankiness, with which we all know Talyor Swift is like one big precious delicate praying mantis. The young girl in this pic has some meat on her bones and has a normal mid part. Nothing quite as special as Taylor. Mz. Swift is freakishly different in the most sexiest of ways, just ask Jake! (Ha!). My final assessment…there are a lot of doubles in the world and now if Taylor Swift needs someone to take her falls she can always count on this chick, whoever she is! Chris Ekstedt does bring up a valid point though, how old is this girl? I’m even afraid to ponder. I will note that it is a little out of sort that Taylor’s people are pressing charges instead of denying allegations…who knows! Publicity is such a strange lover in hollywood these days… “Strange love, strange highs and strange lows, strange love, that’s how my love goes, strange love, will you give it to me, will you take the pain I will give to you, again and again, and will you return it.”

    • Josh B.

      Well I think if they threaten a lawsuit then it would be taken down a lot more quicker and they can move on. If they don’t then they will just have to keep on denying it and denying it forever which can get pretty old.

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  • Judith

    It doesn’t look like her but that’s comparing to a makeuped photo. Compare it to this picture and it totally looks like the same girl. No wonder they’re attacking the site that posted it.

  • Josh B.

    I doubt it’s her. There is a Chicago Bulls sticker/logo in the back ground. What kind of country music star white trash girl has Chicago Bulls logo or whatever that is. In the early 90’s…ok. But now…I don’t think so.

  • Ixnay427

    This just went from 6 to midnight…

  • Albertini

    How dare you!!!!

  • Gail

    Close enough. Those undies are kinda not sexy though.

  • dieu toh

    its not taylor swift… does look like some jailbait porn…

    she probably is under 18 …. ooops chip is going to jail for posting this…

  • Zippy

    Looks a lot like her in this shot, but there is another photo of this girl out there taken from the same set (same bedroom, panties, etc.). In that one, you can see she does not look all that much like Taylor Swift. Just from this angle, they appear pretty similar, so someone put it out on the web to stir things up. Now if fantasizing over Miss Swift is your thing, I suppose this picture will work better than some of the poorly done photoshop fakes out there.

  • Bushpig

    Who cares! I’d f**k her in the a** anyway!

  • E


  • http://taylorswiftnude crazy horse

    She got nothin to be ashamed of i would love to suck on her fits an eat her an make beautiful love to her

  • Draug

    I see no empirical evidence suggesting either argument, but when in doubt, side with hopeful masturbation…

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