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World Premiere – Angels & Airwaves’ New Song “Surrender”

[pullquote quote=”This whole thing has been a massive accomplishment and something we’ve been working at for a long time.” credit=”Tom DeLonge on ‘Love'”]Considered a powerhouse alternative supergroup, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Angels & Airwaves[/lastfm], is the artistic collaboration of four accomplished musicians.

Many know frontman [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Tom DeLonge [/lastfm]from his successful career with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Blink-182[/lastfm] and the other members of Angels and Airwaves have similar laurels attached to their names. Guitarist [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]David Kennedy[/lastfm] was in [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Boxcar Racer[/lastfm]; bassist [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Matt Wachter [/lastfm]was in [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]30 Seconds To Mars[/lastfm]; and brand new drummer, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ilan Rubin [/lastfm]is known for his work with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lostprophets[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Nine Inch Nails[/lastfm].

All together they make up  Angels &  Airwaves, which is dubbed by DeLonge as ”an art project [that approaches] larger human themes and tackles them in different mediums.”

This creative concept is demonstrated perfectly with the November 8th deluxe option release of Angel & Airwaves’ past album, LOVE Part One, their 85-minute LOVE science-fiction film, and their newest album, LOVE Part Two.

This morning, KROQ and Kevin & Bean world premiered the first single, “Surrender,” from their upcoming album. Listen to “Surrender” here first! 

In his interview with Kevin & Bean this morning, DeLonge described Angels & Airwaves’ LOVE project as part of a complete artistic vision of: “we’ll take a large theme about the human race–like love–and we’ll communicate in the album and in the film.”

The “culmination of a five-year project,” DeLonge said that regardless of the album tie-in “the movie just stands on its own…it’s a complete science fiction feature film.” LOVE has been shown at about twenty film festivals and won a few awards.

angels studio World Premiere   Angels & Airwaves New Song Surrender

Angels & Airwaves in Studio K

[pullquote quote=”We wanted to do something that took quite a lot of investment for people to get into….I think when people finally get it…you kind of get a fan for life. “]The film, which was an 100% independent endeavor is about an astronaut stuck in a Space Station, seeing the Earth crumbling below him.

According to DeLonge, the Space Station was ingeniously constructed in the director’s driveway in Santa Barbara as well as the epic Civil War scenario at the beginning of the film. Here’s the trailer for “Love.”

Respectively, just the whole process of constructing these situations believably and relatively inexpensively took about 11-months and bled into DeLonge’s work with Blink-182, but Angels & Airwaves wanted to do something rife with symbolism that would speak to people in the long-term:

[pullquote quote=”We’re kind of like a progressive punk rock band, we all grew up in the Southern California punk rock sensibility..lots of synthesizers, lots of building crescendos…and really handsome band members.”]We wanted to do something that took quite a lot of investment for people to get into….I think when people finally get it…you kind of get a fan for life.”

“I think what’s happening is that rock bands are becoming way more progressive and need to be…you make a little bit of noise not by marketing but by…taking risks.”

DeLonge joked that the imagery is so “esoteric” that at Angels & Airwaves shows “we will provide acid when you walk in the door.” 

The band wrapped up the interview by describing what the experimental alternative band might sound (and look) like to a new listener.

“We’re kind of like a progressive punk rock band, we all grew up in the Southern California punk rock sensibility..lots of synthesizers, lots of building crescendos…and really handsome band members.”

If you love the new tune as much as we do, “Surrender” is available on iTunes as a free “Single of the Week and tomorrow, November 1st, all of LOVE Part Two will be on iTunes for only one week!

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  • AnneDavis

    It’s great!! It’s the best song I’ve ever listened to Angels And Airwaves! I prefer “Surrender” than “The Adventure”. Just magical! I can’t even describe it ’cause it’s a mix of magic, feelings, L)VE, just…amazing. They are my Angels, my music Angels. If one day, they decided to separate…I’d not been able to live…without their music…It’s just AMAZING! L)VE. Spread H)PE like Fire!
    From Spain, lots of L)VE

  • Ryan

    Has the same melody as Some Origins of Fire and The Adventure. Tom recycles melodies quite a bit now a days I guess.

  • Adam

    Looooooooooove it. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Lunar Sunrise123

    AVA is the best!!! :D

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  • Gabiko Magrone (@gabiko)

    They didn’t change my life. but made me do it!

  • Amanda

    This is quite the tune, I’ll admit.

  • de rak

    I can’t find the free download on itunes for Surrender. =[

    • de rak

      nevermind, I just saw that it is finally up! =]

    • AnneDavis

      Me neither…Spanish Itunes doesn’t want free music…

      • Indra Yudistira

        Just change your store to US…

        I can’t find this song on Indonesian store too, then i change to US store and find it :D

  • Indra Yudistira

    This song is so amazing, it’s so inspirational & i just can’t hardly wait to received my Gold Bundle Package of LOVE :D

    Angels & Airwaves is so amazing !!!!

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  • Mike

    I don’t know what Tom was thinking when he said Love Part 2 is the best work they ever did. I love AVA but I don’t think they will ever top their first album… unless maybe he starts taking drugs again.

    • RudeR

      you’re so stupid when saying such things and i don’t think you love the band so well…

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  • Adam

    Angels and Airwaves is a joke. I love their tacky soundeffects that do nothing to help their songs. lol

  • Caroleena

    I love the sound of Tom’s voice, I’m very proud of their accomplishments over the years as in AVA or anything else Tom has done. I really admire the way he always takes charge of things, It shows he has more ideas to express things. Surrender does remind me of some songs but some songs may seem identical but it’s the lyrical structure that I really like about Angel and Airwaves. I do agree that music does come first before you write the words. Through the years of my life it has seems that the most comfort I got was the words in the songs. I relate to most of the songs most of the songs in part 1 love and part 2.
    As Rite of spring, Brings up memories of my past. Although, I think we could all think this way or have inspirations by all means. I will always love this music even if it was overplayed. I play it everyday, I’ve never felt me getting tired of it. I love you guys!

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  • Candace

    One of their best songs ever. L)ve it, L)ve them!

  • Matt

    Song really kicks in during the second verse when the rythym guitar starts…..makes the second chorus sound much stronger as well. Really starting to like this song a lot!

  • gabbeh

    From the first 30 seconds of hearing Surrender, I got chills. I really love that Tom’s voice and lyrical ability has evolved. I mean, when there are so many musicians out there that just write to please a particular “trend”, it’s really refreshing to listen to a musician who writes things that have universal appeal. I think this is ultimately [one] of the best songs that Tom has written with AVA.

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