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The Black Keys Debut New Single “Lonely Boy” Plus Twenty Questions With Dan Auerbach

Blues-based rock duo, the [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Black Keys[/lastfm] from Akron, Ohio is not only known for their swampy, sexy songs, but their music savvy and sardonic humor.

A humor so dry that, yes, sometimes it doesn’t translate to interview, but in person [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dan Auerbach[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Patrick Carney [/lastfm]are a welcome respite from the prototypical rockstar ego.

This morning, the Black Keys dropped their new song “Lonely Boy” from their upcoming album El Camino.

The video for the juke-joint blues tune features a buttoned-up middle-aged man dancing wildly in front of what looks like a motel check-in window–a video that communicates much without flamboyant pretense but still leaves a lot open for interpretation.

Much like the Black Keys themselves.

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to sit down with Dan Auerbach and have a round of Twenty Questions. In them, the usually elusive Auerbach answers what he orders at In ‘N Out, what a typical Friday night is like for a teenager in Ohio, and what his[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Wu Tang Clan[/lastfm] name would be.

blackkeys acx 385 The Black Keys Debut New Single Lonely Boy Plus Twenty Questions With Dan Auerbach

Photo by Alex Rauch

KROQ: What was the first thing you thought when you looked in the mirror this morning?

Dan Auerbach: I didn’t look in the mirror this morning.

KROQ: Do you believe in the Mayan Calendar? If so, what are you plans for the year 2012?

Dan Auerbach: I’m too stupid to understand the Mayan calendar.

KROQ: How does a teenager spend a Friday night in Akron, Ohio?

Dan Auerbach: Drinking malt liquor and hanging out on train tracks, under bridges.

KROQ: Skinny jeans or boot cut?

Dan Auerbach: A combination of the two.

KROQ: What do you order at In & Out? And if not In & Out, what’s your favorite burger joint?

Dan Auerbach: I used to order animal style but then I realized that I was only ordering it because it felt like it was special cause it was off the menu–but it wasn’t any better than the regular double cheeseburger. And, actually a double cheeseburger is better. I’ve been trying to stay away from burgers. The older I get… it’s just not working for me anymore.

KROQ: How did Robert Johnson’s pact with the devil affect his career?

Dan Auerbach: Well, it didn’t make him rich. He died young. No one really knew how he was when he was alive. I don’t know. I don’t know how that helped him. Hopefully he’s happy in the afterlife.

KROQ: Steel drums or electric sitar?

Dan Auerbach: Electric sitar for sure. I love electric sitar.

KROQ:What’s your favorite adult beverage?

Dan Auerbach: Bourbon

KROQ:If you could join the Wu Tang Clan, what would be your Wu name?

Dan Auerbach: Lil Whitey

KROQ:Name three dark sides to your personality.

Dan Auerbach: We don’t have enough time to get into all my dark sides.

KROQ: You have to sing a karaoke song right now. What’s the song?

Dan Auerbach: I’ve never sung karaoke and I don’t think I ever will. Actually, I’m positive I’ll never sing karaoke.

KROQ: But what if a family member was being held at gunpoint and the gunman demanded a song?

Dan Auerbach: I’d sing Jay Retard’s “It’s So Easy.”

KROQ: What was your first car?

Dan Auerbach: A Ford Tempo. Stick shift. Two door. White. Red interior.

KROQ: A string on your guitar breaks in the middle of a song on stage and you don’t have spares, how do you finish the song?

Dan Auerbach: I punch somebody in the audience.

KROQ: Pearl Jam or Nirvana?

Dan Auerbach: I would say… Don’t know. It depends. It depends on who I run into more often I guess. That’s the politically correct answer.

KROQ: What pickup line did you use, if any, to snag your wife?

Dan Auerbach: Umm, probably that last question.

KROQ: What’s your favorite personal skill outside of music?

Dan Auerbach: I can juggle poorly. I’m an average juggler.

KROQ: If you could play one place of cultural or historical significance, where would you play?

Dan Auerbach: Kat’s Deli in New York City. That’s cultural, right?

KROQ: As a fan of the blues, what was the first blues song that caught your attention?

Dan Auerbach: Probably something by Son House. “Pony Blues” or something like that.

KROQ: Do you have a favorite soccer team?

Dan Auerbach: No. I don’t’ have a favorite soccer team. I mean, I love soccer but I don’t really pay attention to the teams that closely.

KROQ: What would you like your tombstone to read.

Dan Auerbach: I don’t want to have a tombstone. I just went and saw Johnny Cash’s tombstone last week and it was so gaudy and huge. I don’t want to have a tombstone at all. I would rather just have my ashes thrown in the…river or something like that.


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