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[List] The Twenty Sexiest Singers Of Female-Fronted Rock Bands

While the world of rock music has been primarily dominated by male lead singers, there are a number of very talented and beautiful women who front some of the biggest bands around. This whole concept started with a simple debate: Who is the hottest female singer in the rock industry?

We made it our mission to comprise our own list of the twenty sexiest singers of female-fronted bands, which turned out to be a pretty difficult task. Beauty is subjective, so it took a while to figure out the order of our top 20. Our end result is a solid list of some of the baddest and sexiest women in rock.

Do you agree? Or is there someone missing from this list?

20. Sharin Foo
The Raveonettes

This Danish indie rocker shares vocal responsibilities with her partner Sune Rose Wagner. Cute, blonde foreign girls always have a place on a list like this – which is why she earned her spot at #20.


19. Lykke Li

lykkeli xyz [List] The Twenty Sexiest Singers Of Female Fronted Rock Bands

Another talented and sexy European singer, Lykke Li (Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson) exploded onto the scene with her unique sound and style. They must be putting something in the water in Sweden, because it continuously pumps out hotties like Lykke Li.


18. Alexis Krauss
Sleigh Bells

This relatively-new singer hit the scene with former [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Poison The Well[/lastfm] guitarist Derek Miller in 2008 and has been turning heads ever since. Once an elementary school teacher, she’s now part of one of the most notable indie groups coming out of New York today.


17. Kelly Ogden
The Dollyrots

dollyrots 385 [List] The Twenty Sexiest Singers Of Female Fronted Rock Bands

via Facebook

A favorite of our own Rodney On The Roq, The Dollyrots have been spun on Rodney’s show for over a year now. When you’re fronted by a woman like Kelly Ogden, it’s hard for others to NOT take notice of your band.

  • Samuel Howard

    the only ones i find agreeable are cristina scabbia and amy lee. while i like Zooey Deschanel, she and him is not a rock band.this list is missing lzzy hale of halestorm, sharon den adel of within temptation, charlotte wessles of delain, ji-in cho of krypteria, Alina Dunaevskaya of markize, Carly Smithson of we are the fallen, Anette Olzon of nightwish, and tarja turunen formerly of nightwish

    • ryobunkdie


  • Los

    *** And Soon To Be Added, Krista Lee of “DEAD END AMELIA’!!! ***

    Check DEA out at and

  • Ivan

    Taylor Momsen would be lucky if she turned out half as talented as courtney love…..

  • Howie

    How can you not have the chick from FLYLEAF on here?

  • Jenny

    Where the hell is Shirley?!?

  • Krystal Giles

    These are some of the worst picks…ever. Sch a disappointing list. The definition of rock is used a little two lose these days. Play a guitar and you are in, apparently.

  • Gene Starwind (@Gene_Starwind)

    Why are Shirley Manson from Garbage, Janet Gardner from Vixen and Nina Persson from The Cardigans excluded?!
    Are you people blind and deaf, or just stupid?
    I agree that Gwen Steffani should be #1 and Cristina Scabbia should be #2. The exclusions make me question the capacity of the people who made this list to make rational decisions, rather than decision based on their hormones.
    This list SUCKS.

    Anyone who wants to argue about Cristina Scabbia at #2, you’d better grab the Lacuna Coil discography, put on some good ‘phones and LISTEN. THEN check out the pics. Her voice is as hot she looks.

  • joe

    what about lzzy hale of halestorm

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  • Diana

    Did anyone even listen to the video? Or should I say watch I had to turn up the volume full blast because I couldn’t hear anything. Sheis basically whispering. I love NIN, but Trent should just stop trying to make his wife a singer. SHE SUCKS

  •!/BeautifulDisaster1985 Takitha

    WHAT?! Emily Whitehurst should have been in at least the top 5!

  • Joel A. (@joelesvegan)

    Amy Lee should def be at No. 1.

  • Caleb Hamilton

    Where the hell is Otep Shamaya in this list!!!!!

  • elib70

    Where’s Orianthi and Florence?

  • altrocker

    where is karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs? she has way more selling power than some of these other supposedly ‘hot’ singers. the lead singer of garbage as many others already mentioned also should’ve made it. anyway just my opinion

  • Cmo

    Cool post guys but why is Gwen Stefani on there?

    dont you have to be IN a band to make the list?

    Oh and no Florence Welch???

    FU FU with a zombie fist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    what the hell??? Heidi Shepherd & Carla Harvey- those chicks look like UFC Ring Girls or something. Alison Mosshart should be way higher up on the list and and if good rock music was about a standing naked with your hair or electrical tape covering your boobs, i’d be all about some fucking Seacrest Shit, this is terrible

  • ryobunkdie

    taylor momsen tpr!!

  • Kristin

    No SHIRLEY F**KING MANSON!?! This list is just WRONG.

  • Deemonie

    Seriously, no Karen O?

  • Steph

    are you serious?? no Florence? She totally beats some nobody, no-name Junko Furuta. Who the f*** knows her?
    Just because someone poses nearly nude photos of them doesn’t make them sexy. What makes them sexy is the way they perform and sing.
    Blackout, you suck.

  • JD

    Well, maybe this list is just only for current hotties. But, if you ever saw Blondie (Deborah Harry) rock NY City clubs in the ’70s you’d put her on the list.

    Then again, she and her band (conveniently named Blondie) are on a list, namely as 2006 inductees to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that probably won’t happen for most of the 20 on this list. I’ll give Gwen Stefani and No Doubt an outside chance on getting in…

  • Cheyenne

    Gwen needs to be at the top!!! That is some bullsh*t she is the ultimate singer, badass, and to top it all off is a MILF!!!! This list is ass who the hell are like half the people on here?!

  • Daniel

    Needs more Florence.

  • Jeff

    No Alissa Xayalith from The Naked and Famous?

  • Jeff

    Where is Alissa Xayalith from The Naked and Famous?

  • Adrian

    I came here to see a hot picture of Karen-O and instead got half nude, drug-abuse looking, skanks. What music has evolved into . . .

  • Boner

    Lzzy Hale! Fap fap fap!!!!

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  • Aryeh

    What about Lee Triffon – from Eatliz – Amazing singer and band – check out these links ;

  • rayko fan

    You should check out Rayko of Dig Jelly–search Facebook for “Rayko Dig”. She has some amazing pictures there. It doesn’t hurt she’s a personal trainer besides a musician.

    She’s a good musician who’s very hot. She has a strong voice, a great personality, and a great smile–an amazing all-around person.

    She has a similar themed pic on Facebook like #1’s pic, except better in my opinion. Skim through the “Random Rayko vol2” photo album pics on Facebook to find it.

  • k

    Lisa Reiffel, Killola. The best thing you can hope to see or hear…nuff said.

  • karmacoma

    There are many beauties on this top, but the absence of Shirley Manson is inexcusable.

  • karmacoma

    The list needs to be extended to include:

    Shirley Manson (Garbage)
    Karen O (YYYs)
    Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes)
    Anneke van Giersbergen (ex The Gathering, now solo)
    Ritzy Bryan (The Joy Formidable)
    Charlotte Hatherley (ex Ash, now solo)

    Also you definitely should include Sarah Barthel (Phantogram). She’s INCREDIBLY hot:

    PS it was a great surprise to find the gorgeous Emily Haines on the list.

  • Aj

    Umm have you people ever heard of Juliet Simms??

    • Killer Heels

      Im wondering why she isn’t in the list -“-

  • Chief C. Addle

    I’m happy that Cristina is number three, she’s better than all of the other ones put together!! But, Why is Trent Reznor’s wife number one?!?!? And why no Florence Welch, Helen Marnie, Karin Dreijer Andersson or Janine Rostron?!?

  • Jared Risman

    WHAT THE F**K?????????????? Where the hell is MORGAN LANDERS FROM KITTIE ?

  • gabby

    what about the girl from flyleaf she is cute and she can sing her lungs out too!

  • doombringer

    this list states clearly it is all about the sexiest ladies in rock. Not the most talented as we can see. Obviously this list was compiled by an actual penis with no depth. If she shows her boobs and is somewhere near the vicinity guitar PUT HER ON THE LIST! Brilliant!!
    Half of the girls make me want to commit seppuku. Where’s St.Vincents Annie Clark?? Total cutie and AMAZING on guitar. Where is Carrie Brownstein and Kathleen Hanna?? Whats up with making 30 and 40 sound ancient. Oh but thanks bro for sparing Gwen Stephani and not calling her an old hag as she’s the elder of this list.

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  • Ian Faith (@clubvisuals)

    Sarah Orloff from Die Pretty should be on the list, seriously!

  • mentalmishap

    I would have personally put Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Greace Perry of Landmine Marathon in there.

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