Psycho Mike Rocks Saint Rocke With His Band Murder On The 405

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Psycho Mike singing with Murder on the 405.

Psycho Mike singing with Murder on the 405.

You might have been wondering what has happened to Psycho Mike since his last appearance on the Kevin & Bean Show. Well, I found him.

[photogallerylink id=136100] Last Friday, I caught him performing with his band Murder on the 405 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach as part of The Big 3 with Bandpax & Fartbarf.

The Big 3 was South Bay’s answer to The Big 4 concert that rocked the Coachella Valley earlier this year. While none of these bands are as big Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath or Anthrax, they do own the hearts of many fans in the South Bay.

Bandpax (who you may remember from Let’s Paint TV) started off the show with a punk rock set. They closed out their fast paced set with a special guest when Psycho Mike joined them for a live version of a song called “Brow Down.” That song sounded vaguely familiar. But I couldn’t figure out where I have heard it before.

Murder on the 405 followed by making sweet love to the stage and  melting faces with their Rock N’ Roll sounds. Psycho Mike had the crowd fired up so much that a fan decided to bleed all over bassist Joey Stiletto.

Fartbarf closed out the night and had everyone dancing to their experimental electro-dance songs. Dressed in some astronaut jump suits and weird mask, the crowd was hanging on to every note played from their synthesizers.

img 69491 Psycho Mike Rocks Saint Rocke With His Band Murder On The 405

How do  a punk band, rock band and electro-dance group all fit on the same bill? I don’t know. But damn was it a fun night (it was probably the $5 Jager shots).

I highly recommend checking out these bands the next time they play a bar, alley, house party, bah-mitzvah, funeral or where ever.

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