Justin Bieber At The MTV VMAs. Seriously, How Cute Is He?

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snapz pro xscreensnapz0055 Justin Bieber At The MTV VMAs. Seriously, How Cute Is He?

OMFG! Justin Bieber showed up to the VMAs with a snake! How crazy and eccentric is that? Sure, the snake was smaller than my wiener on the day I was born, but still. What a radical, visionary, stunningly cute “artist.”

And to pull off glasses he doesn’t need? Who else could do that? And that necklace, with a disco ball, or whatever it was, was ground breaking. I call it the “Twink Rap” look. How can one person be so unbelievably cool?

[photogallerylink id=132745] I have many questions for this musical superstar. 

About his fashion. His life. His loves.

What makes him tick?

The reporter from Access Hollywood interviewing Bieber and his mini flesh colored snake:

Justin posing like he’s in a fashion show:

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