Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Premiere – Today’s Track “Monarchy Of Roses” (page 2)

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Courtesy Warner Bros. Records

Courtesy Warner Bros. Records

01 warner brothers red hot chili peppers 01 06 2011 536sp1 Red Hot Chili Peppers Premiere   Todays Track Monarchy Of Roses

Flea and Josh talk about the making of “Monarchy of Roses.”

Klinghoffer, who sang all the back-up vocals on the whole record amusingly described the creative process behind the creation of “Monarchy of Roses”:

“Crouched on our knees in Flea’s basement. He started [mouths guitar riff] and I just started doing those wacky metal-y chords.”

“We were taking hikes up Los Feliz by Griffith Park, talking about how excited we would be if we saw a band start [mouths same guitar riff] and just break out into the biggest disco party you could imagine. “

*“Monarchy of Roses”


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