[Video] Beer Mug’s Quest For “Deep Fried Butter,” AKA “Death On A Stick.”

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Living long is over-rated, not to mention a drain on our health care system.With all the talk of “healthy eating,” I’m glad there’s one last place that’s doing its’ part to make sure we all die young, and that health destroying bastion of death is called the local fair.

They serve nothing but crap. Beautiful, great tasting, fun to eat, but ticket to the grave, crap. They deep fry everything.

The latest that we’ve heard of, Bean read about the Iowa State Fair serving deep fried butter. They take a full stick of butter, pour honey on it, sugar, and roll it in the dirt, inject it with cyanide, and then fry it up. We sent our health expert Beer Mug to the O.C. Fair to find the butter-on-the-stick-of-death, and he did us proud.

R.I.P. Beer Mug. You will be missed.

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