Rodney On The Roq Playlist 8/15/11 – Deer Hunter, Adam Bones, The Rapture And More

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Go-Go’s – “This Town”

Deerhunter – “Desire Lines”

The Drums – “Money”

We Are Augistines – “Chafel Song”

Radars to the Sky – “Mirror”

The Klan – “Pushing Too Hard”

Adam Bones – “I Had You”

One Night Only – “Say You Don’t Want It”

Cosmo Topper – “Are We Their Yet?”

Adam Bones – “McCartney Eyes”

Paul McCartney – “It’s So Easy”

The Dollyrots – “Interaction”

The Orion Experience – “Vampire”

The Hancuffs – “Dirty Glitter”

The Clash – “White Riot”

1st interview with Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols- “Anarchy in the UK”

Sex Pistols- “My Way”

Sex Pistols- “God Save the Queen”

The Damned – “New Rose”

The Jam – “Down At the Tube Station At Midnight”

PCB – “Wounded Bird”

Victoria Halls – “A Crush Is A Crush”

The Jim Jones Review – “High Horse”

The Stone Foxes – “Psycho”

Oasis – “Street Fighting Man”

The Ruby Friedman Orchestra – “Climb Aboard”

Those Darlings – “Screws Get Loose”

The Wooly Bandits – “Women of Mass Destruction”

Go-Go’s – “La La Land”

Julian Lennon – “Ruby Tuesday”

The Rapture – “How Deep Is Your Love”

The Drums – “Money”

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