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Top Five Most Overrated Guitarists Of All Time

A lot of people give credit to the guitar player when they hear a great song. This often leads to the guitarist being called one of the best of all time.

What follows is a list of guitar players who routinely show up on lists of great players based on what the band did, not what their playing did for the band.

# 5 Slash of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Guns N’ Roses[/lastfm].

Yes Slash did give one of the greatest rock albums of all time with Appetite for Destruction.  But he brought nothing new to the table.  Nothing innovative.  Although it all sounds cool he never made me say “OH MY GOD HOW DID HE DO THAT?”

  • lostoul86

    slash does suck ! but u might piss off alot of ppl with jimmy page being number one .

  • *!*

    I can sense tension coming …along.

  • reverendjustito

    I must wonder if this list was composed by a guitar player? I know it’s one persons list and subjective, but not all AC/DC songs are simple power chords. I know I struggled to master the lead lick of Money Talks years after I started to play guitar. Yes, Slash fails at power chords, but he can solo like a mother ******. I would have liked to see those dudes from A7X make this list, as they have graced many Guitar World covers over the years and owe their entire career to ripping off Slash and Kirk Hammett.

  • Maieeke

    KROQ has become overrated, it sucks now……

    • almost dead o'clock

      its only k&b why i listen to them anymore. and seriously whats up with this website its like someone saw myspace and said thats a great look for a page.

      • Lightning |

        Myspace? Seriously, it ain’t that bad. But, I have to say, it’s CBS… they chose the template. All I control is the content… And, I’m not really standing up for that either. We’re generally just slackers here.

      • corey

        almost dead o’clock is a fag

      • DanTheMan

        WE GOT A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    This guys a joke. He obviously has something against zeppelin. Saying jimmy page is overrated is ridiculous.

  • anthony campis

    jimmy page was number 5 but i agree jimmy page is great

  • Conor

    You seem to really only be focusing on the harder music. What about people like Jack White? His guitar work is catchy, but not that skilled.

    Also, after reading this it makes me wonder who you would consider a good guitarist.

  • dudde

    What your insane!!! Jimmy Page? Kerry King?? no! but slash yeah i agree with you there

  • Flaw Bolt Main

    Jimmy Page sucks. The top Zepplin songs were rip offs of other rock and blues artists. Page couldnt hold a candle to Tony Iommi.

    • randy

      You Know Nothing.Page is the greatest Guitarist in rock history. His riffs are his! Name the songs that were ripped off? Iommi SUCKS!

  • Christina Carabini

    ……Whether played on turntables cassette or CD players or even on ancient 8-track tape players rock albums have been the soundtrack of peoples lives for at least four generations…….But what are the essential albums of the rock era?……The Journal asked a number of Salina rock musicians to name what they believed to be the most influential rock albums of all time — albums that changed their lives inspired them to become musicians and are must-haves for every serious music lovers audio library…….For most of the musicians the biggest difficulty in selecting essential albums was narrowing them down to just a few……. If you have a couple of hours Id be glad to talk about great albums said Loren Banninger bassist for the Salina-based rock horn band the Blades…….Unsurprisingly for a man who plays in a horn band Banninger said two of his essential albums come from two of the most acclaimed horn bands in rock history 1972s The Best of Blood Sweat Tears which includes You Made Me So Very Happy and Chicagos first album Chicago Transit Authority 1969 which features Beginnings a standard in the Blades repertoire…….Banningers other selections spotlighted two of the greatest folk rock performers in music history James Taylors Sweet Baby James 1970 which featured the classic Fire and Rain and Jim Croces greatest hits collection Photographs Memories 1974 which includes Time in a Bottle I Got a Name and Big Bad Leroy Brown. ……Taylors successful career has lasted nearly 40 years while Croce was killed in a plane crash in 1973 at the peak of his career at age 30……. Theyre both great albums with intimate heartfelt songs Banninger said…….Other Salina musicians pitched in with their own album choices and comments ……Beatles Stones Cream……TOM WILBUR Salina banker and guitarist vocalist for Last National Band ……nThe Beatles White Album 1968 — The four lads from Liverpool were responsible for me playing guitar and forming a rock band in fourth grade at Meadowlark Ridge Elementary School . ……nThe Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street 1972 — The texture and deviousness of the album is what makes it great. ……nCream Disraeli Gears 1967 — The power of a three-piece supergroup led by Eric Clapton. Passionate and alive U2 can rock a stadium. ……Elvis lives Otis Redding……CHRIS PETITJEAN guitarist vocalist for Imminent Domain ……n Blink 182 Enema of the State 1994 — Easily my favorite band ever and the reason I fell in love with music. ……n Elvis Presley 68 Comeback Special 1968 — I was basically raised on Elvis and he looked so badass in the all black leather suit. ……n Oasis Whats the Story Morning Glory 1995 — It makes me think of summer. ……n Otis Redding Dock of the Bay 1968 — Anything with Otis or Ray Charles or Clarence Carter always gets me groovin.

  • johnnieboy

    i know who the winner is for the most overrated blogger for kroq is now :)

    agree to disagree with slash and jimmy they both influenced so many people with their bands and their creativity…

    • randy

      The most over rated guitarists are Ace-hole-frehely….and the Boring Clapton!

  • Carlos

    You’re a terrible person for making this list. All of these guitarists are awesome, not a single one is overrated.

  • Tom O'Dell

    The term ‘overrated’ is such f**king bullsh*t.
    Someone who says a guitarist, or a band or singer etc is overrated, just doesn’t like someone a lot of people like, or as much as a lot of people do.
    You’re insulting people’s idols here.

  • saroless

    to think someone could be overrated for doing something they love, and, enjoy and, make good money off of, Kroq you can do better

  • Miguel Valbuena

    Wow! Jimmy Page overrated? I would say he’s actually underrated.

    • randy

      Page is the Greatest Guitarist in Rock history! More scope and vision than Hendrix and clapton put together!

      • John Mayer

        Ha ha, the best Rock guitarist is Hendrix, he can improvise melodic, none of the mentioned guitarists can do that, have you ever seen the improv at the end of his woodstock performence, it is mindblowing man, you gotto be kidding me.

        Jimmy Page has got some flavour to his rehearsed stuff but his improv is a joke, he cant improvise properly at all and makes a fool out of himself trieng to imintate Jimi s improvs.

  • Newzealandbakerdreamer

    okay….i officially now hate a member at kroq..congrats..never thought that would happen because i love you guys you feel like family but the person who wrote this….they = my enemy
    there is a reason every single one of those guitarists is considered beyond amazing. they were not overrated…fact. plain and simple

    • Cid

      I’m not here to defend KROQ since they’ve somehow managed to become even more lowbrow than usual (you guys started playing Everclear and P.O.D. again. Really?!). But this d-bag trerant is some jock from 103.1 “the Buzz,” from West Palm Beach, Florida and NOT FROM KROQ.

      • Lightning |

        Cid, thanks for noticing. We have about 30 other rock stations that we’re affiliated around the country and we occasionally republish some of their stories when appropriate. But by no means are we standing by their opinions. Hell, we don’t even stand behind or own opinions. As far as Everclear and P.O.D., we do a lot of testing and research.. Like, a lot… It would surprise you. Anyway, these are among the songs that people want to hear again. It’s not us being lazy.

      • Newzealandbakerdreamer

        oh thank god

  • Magicjj7

    How can you have Jimmy page at number one. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was one of the biggest innovators in rock music. And then you have Eric Clapton as an honorable mention. Every band that you play all their guitarists added up will never have the skill has either of those two. Except for maybe grohl.

  • Bob


    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • kroq sucks

    first of all, when you are writing an article, maybe you should proofread.
    “I see it as desperate attempt at be different.”
    lol learn to write you illiterate idiot.
    this is the first and last article I will read on this site.
    ha at jimmy page being over rated. I want to see you do something half as brilliant as jimmy, and this is coming from someone who’s not even a big Zeppelin fan… smh

  • ? troy

    try to stir the oldschool up huh? but its true for tne most part. the only bitch i could have is about king but he just hit it faster not diffrent, some others may be more excitable now if you had mentioned COC i…

  • dan

    i agree with all them except for zakk, he is a truely accomplished guitarist (what ever i think that means). He has mastered most styles of guitar playing, I cant believe he is on this list. Sure he hasnt written such masterpieces as rhodes, but shit, thats a hell of a person to fill in for.

    • randy

      zzak sucks. Page rules!!!! He did EVERYTHING…Not like the Boring Clapton who rehashes old songs over and over!


    Lame. Inept. Pointless.

  • Brett W

    Page, overrated? You obviously don’t know rock guitar. They’ve only had 3+ legal troubles, and they shouldn’t have even gone to court because none of the artists they “stole” material from took credit for that same material they wrote! Look into your history a bit before you go pointing fingers at the almighty Zepp. I guarantee you Page could show you a thing or two about music you never even knew could exist. I think Clapton should have the number one spot because he’s a pathetic excuse for a musician. He can hardly play chords, and his leads all sound similar. Cream was his best bet, but they couldn’t coexist.

  • Enzo

    Jimmy Hendrix is the most overrated. HIs music is just a bunch of noise and his playing isn’t that good.

    • http://kroq, karl

      you sound like ritchie blackmoore ,,enzo,,,

  • http://kroq, karl

    Jimmy Page was once Awesome,,but that decades ago….like 1971…..

    Check out the Footage of Jimmy Page at Live Aid 1985,,,Page is so Drunk on stage,,,Vomit is dribbling out of his mouth.
    Plant is laughing at Jimmy Page,as Page is having problems standing up,,you can see the Vomit coming out of Pages Mouth onto his shirt,,its Pathetic…..

  • Ian

    Slash is wayyyy over rated as are the ACDC boys. None of their stuff is impressive in the least. Also where is Hammet?

  • bullheadguitarlessons

    How come kurt cobain is not in the list. He sucked shit and destroyed real good music of the 80s

  • Dave

    Get your goddamn facts straight. Jimmy Page credited David MacCallum for the bow idea since he basically asked him to try it in a song. And by your logic, using the theremin and getting people to believe it was a guitar makes you overrated. I think you really should revise this.

  • sahil vig

    oh you got to be kidding me..crap!!!

  • jad87seduction

    You are an idiot you shouldn’t be allowed to blog. Naming Jimmy Page overrated you just lost credibility.

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