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[KROQ Exclusive] Who Is Locals Only/Jonesy’s Jukebox Artist Andy Clockwise?

I introduce to you [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Andy Clockwise[/lastfm], the Aussie transport who’s been tossed around like a rag doll on Jonesy’s Jukebox and Locals Only with Kat Corbett.  He’s as musically savvy albeit unpredictable as they come, just the way he likes it, “I listen to lots of different types of music, I’m inspired by different types of music.  I don’t think there’s any good or bad music…I don’t wanna make just one kind of music you know?”

Two tracks off his latest LP The Socialite, “(Let Them Eat Cake) Too Many Fatties on the Dance Floor” and “Love and War” continue to sizzle on Sunday nights, however both are stylistically (and titularly) worlds apart.  There simply isn’t one type or genre of music Andy Clockwise plays. He labels it “schizo pop,” a musical polyglot of everything from folk to punk rock.

I had a chance to pick the man’s brain for a few minutes, and ask some questions regarding his background, influences, and thoughts on music in general.

Andy Clockwise is an artist stimulated by novelty, incapable of succumbing to repetition for the sake of his own piece of mind.  He creates to avoid banal sensations, and it was a mad case of boredom that eventually landed him in Los Angeles.  After touring his homeland of Australia, he became restless and moved to England.  When Andy visited LA for a short rendezvous with a friend, he decided this was going to be his new home.  I asked Andy what was it that made Los Angeles so much more appealing than his previous habitats, “It’s just bigger and its more crazy. It’s more flipped out and it’s more raw.  I was sort of addicted to that when I got here….I sort of went on a week-long bender where I met thousands of people who were just freaks and weirdos and great people.  I met my friend at a backyard party and we didn’t go home for about a week and a half…I just felt this was the perfect place for a runaway.”

Remember Love 

Sure, Andy was all about embarking and fulfilling appetites, but he was also homeless.  He lived on a friend’s couch who had asked him to produce an album she was making, then simultaneously began work on his first album,”We sent it in to the radio and it all happened from there, otherwise I really wouldn’t have a career.  Then I toured a lot in Australia and made a second album called Classic FM.  That was a double album about an imaginary record station that was put together by me and my friends, as if we hijacked a radio station for a day.”

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