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KROQ Sticker Hall Of Fame: Which One Is The Best Of All Time? You Decide.

beststickerofalltime 3851 KROQ Sticker Hall Of Fame: Which One Is The Best Of All Time? You Decide.

KROQ is known for its bumper stickers. And, although we’ve made a million of them over the years, thirteen deserve special recognition.

Over the next two weeks, you’ll decide which one is crowned the Best Sticker Of All Time. Which is the single greatest KROQ sticker of all time? Will it be the Roq of the 80’s & 90’s? How ’bout the classic Red BBQ Sauce or the Yellow Bullet?

Flip through the stickers then vote for your favorite on the final page. Don’t take this competition lightly. One sticker deserves the trophy, or goblet, or whatever that gold pimp cup thingy is.

STICKER 1 – ROQ OF THE 80’s & 90’s

img 5346 1 KROQ Sticker Hall Of Fame: Which One Is The Best Of All Time? You Decide.

Sticker 1 - Roq of the 80's & 90's

  • Vinnie

    There is a joke in there with Sluggo being the “Square 90s” guy, right? RIGHT!?

    • Vanessa

      Nah, it’s just because Sluggo’s so goddamn sexy. lol

  • Matt

    Definitely #9. I had this on my car on Cape Cod from 1987-1989 and would get asked about it all the time. Some people actually knew what it was, all the way on the other side of the country!

  • A Paisa

    Revolutionize is the best

  • Bill

    i’m not sure why they are calling “most hated” but that design reminds me of the weenie roast in 2005, hands down BEST weenie lineup EVER: I LOVE THAT STICKER. went to del taco and got like 50 of them, still have em

  • Cynthia

    I like the idea of the Rebel 8 but I’d like to see it in a darker (black or even purple) background. I just don’t like the white but it has potential.

  • Kimmi

    Dude the Roq of the 80’s sticker was the best ever~ so many awesome memories of school dances with awesome djs like Ramondo. Always had that sticker on my binder of locker. KROQ BACK IN THE DAY WAS THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL!

  • kayla

    i love STICKER 13 – Revolutionize Your Ears

  • Louie

    they made the Ovaltine sticker in the LA Kings colors in ’97. that was a great combo of silver and purple! i got two of them and used one on my car. not sure what the hell i did with the other one.

  • Penny

    I like Rebel 8 and have it on my car right now. I have seen all of these except the Flintstone one and now I want it.
    lol OH and the best ones are the free ones (yeah, they are all free, but) you give out after concerts like I still have the OINGO BOINGO one from way back! <3

  • Asia V.

    red bbq sauce, gold bbq sauce??
    red bbq sauce, gold bbq sauce??
    red bbq sauce….
    final answer
    damn, that was stressful…. lol

  • Cris

    I seem to recall a clear KROQ sticker.

    • Tiffany

      There was a clear KROQ sticker, but it was exactly the same as the Happy Fire and Brimstone except with a clear background.

  • Dennas Waltz

    I’ve loved KROQ so long and have to many memories to remember! Hard choice but 80’s 90’s rocked before work and family became priority. Life long fan and listen almost every day.

    • Pati Jauregui

      Me too!!! A fan since ’87, and listen every day to the morning show. Remember when The Poorman was on, then later when Kevin and Bean got in trouble because of the fake murder confession?
      I had 2 of the “’80’s” stickers: 1 was on my ’86 Renault Alliance – I cut out the letters and put it on the window. The other is in my footlocker – there for safe keeping. :-)

    • Rona W

      I totally know how you feel!! From high school up until now. My oldest daughter was about 14 months and she’s in the backseat basically chanting Kevin and Bean.

  • Vanessa

    I like red BBQ sauce the best.

  • Brandi

    It’d be pretty cool if you used “80’s Shapes” as the basis of a “KROQ2 Streaming” sticker.

  • Eufracio

    80’s shapes is by far my overall fav. the Korn kroq sticker is the bomb too.

  • Greg Mucino

    No Reggae Nation KRQO 80’s Sticker? Come On!

  • Tom Weidermeijer

    Revolutionize Your Ears and the Mao Suit FKING ROCKS!

    I still have one on my truck. You don’t want to know how much I paid for it on eBay.

    It is unique, distinct and probably pisses off the Chinese.

  • julie king

    KROQ….. 1979 is when I started listening to KROQ. I remember the mornings with raymondo and evans. Raymondo and Richard Blade…. Poorman doing the surf report from Dick Dale’s house at the jetty in Newport Beach… Love line with Dr. Drew; I was 14 calling Dr. Drew with my “love” problems!
    You guys rock…… thank you for being my “line to the insanity” for the past 32 years! (really? that’s how long I have been listening to KROQ?????) BITCHEN!! far out and groovy ~

  • Tony

    I have them all, from the beginning, in an album…….all cool!

  • John

    Revolutionize. It’s just that awesome.

  • Anabel

    Revolutionize is Anant Garde

  • Dave Baxter

    Hi, I’m Big Dave, former K-Roq Van Driver (’89-’93) and passed out the 80’s & 90’s one for a few months, then revolutionize your ears. I love those stix. I never really got into any of the “world famous’ ones that much, but it was accurate. way before the internet, people would record the radio station on their cassette players and send it to their friends all over the world. The special edition cure sticker was cool too.

    • Adrian

      I swear you gave me stickers when I was a kid, Remember the Poor Tours? those were so much fun

  • cori

    RELBEL 8 all the way!!! different colors would be cool

  • Aaron

    FLINSTONES ALL DAY!!! Love the 90s. Best years ever along with the early 2000s.

  • rolando ortiz

    great sticker. keep it

  • Paul

    I have my 80’s shapes sticker signed by Richard Blade! Best sticker EVER!!! I think KROQ needs to re-issue that one!!!

  • Krystal

    Oh hell yea number 8!! that one is good, though a darker color could be added to it

  • amadeus22

    my favorite isn’t shown … the one styled like the korn logo. but 80s shapes is the one i voted for. reminds me of going to see mr. mister at the palace with jed the fish. the good old days when i was young.

  • MAIRO.81


  • Mike

    I remember seeing a yellow sticker with black block lettering from back when KROQ was on both AM and FM in the late 70s/early 80s. It’d be cool if they went back and found all the different stickers for an online gallery.

  • Debbie

    I like sticker # 4

  • matthew

    Just make a new one with a picture of the current Miss Double D’s boobs next to last years Miss Double D’s boobs (no faces, we know how beautiful they are).And if you are worried about the call letters, break out the sharpie.DING!

  • David

    personally i like number 8 i think that one should be

  • Jen

    The Korn is my all time fave. The Kron sticker reminds me of high school. I voted for Ovaltine.

  • Mark

    These bring back good memories, KROQ fan since it was AM and FM station, saved our lives from KMET and disco Rolling Stones. Was fun to go station in Pasadena @ 2am with a couple of 6 pks and cute girls and make our own playlist with DJ of the nite Thanks KROQ. p.s. I’ve also lead my kid who is 11 to this darkness ,no Lady GaGa,my wife hates me (she was one of cute girls)

  • Bria

    I love the beach…so i love Tiki BBQ !! ; }

  • Amanda

    The Reble 8 is my fave! It looks the coolest!!

  • stephen morrice

    been listening since 1979 Still have my Korn sticker on my truck and I have one I have always liked the best it is a simple black with white letters (rectangular) still waiting for right car to put it bon because I only have one!

  • Tena

    Roq of the 80’s & 90’s

  • stephani

    rebel #8 rockssssss

  • Jennifer

    #9 been listening since I was 9 in 1984 and I’ve moved to Arizona and I still listen everyday luv u guys!

  • Amy Teerman

    Hey, how can I get a sticker? I am in Florida and just want one to cover up 103.1 The Buzz – your sister station down here that recently sold out to classic rock! Tragic!! Now I listen to KROQ online every day. Thanks for playing awesome stuff!

    • Lightning |

      Send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

      Greatest KROQ Sticker Of All Time
      5901 Venice Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90034

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