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[First Listen] Limp Bizkit To Release ‘Gold Cobra’ On June 28 – Listen To The Title Track

limpbizkitgoldcobra385 [First Listen] Limp Bizkit To Release Gold Cobra On June 28   Listen To The Title Track

Limp Bizkit "Gold Cobra" cover art

[pullquote quote=”We’ve come full circle to absolutely own who we are as a band.” credit=”Fred Durst”]Coming out from left field, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Limp Bizkit[/lastfm] is to release their first record since 2005’s The Unquestionable Truth. Their now fifth album, Gold Cobra is set for release on June 28th.trans [First Listen] Limp Bizkit To Release Gold Cobra On June 28   Listen To The Title Track

Gold Cobra features the band’s original lineup, which was their most successful. The classic roster features front man Fred Durst alongside Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto and DJ Lethal.

In a statement, Durst said, “We’ve come full circle to absolutely own who we are as a band, an undisputed five piece rap-rock powerhouse who crushes every stage we play.” Those stages he was referring to must have not been put together properly.

Gold Cobra will be issued in multiple configurations, so there are many options to choose from depending on how much of Limp Bizkit you can handle. The standard release will feature 13 new songs.

limpbizkitgoldcobrastandardcover [First Listen] Limp Bizkit To Release Gold Cobra On June 28   Listen To The Title Track

Gold Cobra standard issue:

1. ‘Introbra’

2. ‘Bring It Back’

3. ‘Gold Cobra’

4. ‘Shark Attack’

5. ‘Get A Life’

6. ‘Shotgun’

7. ‘Douche Bag’

8. ‘Walking Away’

9. ‘Loser’

10. ‘Autotunage’

11. ‘90.2.10’

12. ‘Why Try’

13. ‘Killer In You’

  • FakeUser


  • Justin

    Oh god no!
    please make it go away.
    we don’t need another dose of this sexist, childish, idiot!

  • NoMotivation

    I hope theres fasssst songs and haaard energy beats in there as well.

  • lostoul86

    the Gold Cobra starts off pretty good but then that chorus comes in and its ridiculous .. walking away is alright i would say decent . but this is limp bizkit were talking about lets see what the rest holds

  • Scotty

    Ha! Look at sexy Sadie rockin’ shots at Fred Durst’s ego trippin’. He would be right though, if they would’ve played that Irvine Verizon Wireless gig like they had set out to. I guess Europe can use whatever bit of Limp Bizkit they can get, but after this album is released they BETTER kick out some damn sickass mid size venue shows! I want to see Limp Bizkit at the Palladium!!! I want to celebrate in a wild reckless mosh pit and be right up front row center. I’ve been waiting since 2007 and I’ve been done waiting for a whole year now so any news other than actual tour dates specifically for SoCal is just whatevers. Because its you though Sadie, I’m interested. Cool Beans for postin’ this for the LBF’s out there. The album is right up there with all their other albums. I’m diggin’ it. I’d be diggin’ it more when I’m experiencing it live! Keep it Real Sadie.

  • GFY

    the Bizkit is back!!

  • Jennifer B.

    WTF? What dumbasses actually care about Fred Dirt anymore?

  • Kyle

    I actually enjoyed the music. That is until Fred Durst started to sing/rap. Not so much after that. Rap or rock, he should pick one. Rap/rock is dead.

    • Joe

      Rap/Rock is not dead. It just needs to be done right. The problem is that Fred Durst is not a very good rapper. If Rage Against the Machine came out with a new album, I would hope to god that it still had rap and rock. I think that Linkin Park has gotten to far away from using rap and that is why there last couple albums havent been that good.

  • chris

    out of the two tracks up now walking away is by far the better song. cobra sucked.

  • The one and only Kid Minor

    this is actually pretty good!! The bizkit was always good no matter anyone ever said.

  • Five Bolt Main

    I can’t wait for this to come out. Been waiting for a long time.

  • dtothag

    well, the songs are good. dynamic for lb. don’t be a tool and just hate cuz that’s what the rest of the sheep tell you to do. “rap/rock is dead”. what is “dead”? anyone who makes, or listens to music for the reason that it is what’s hot right now, should do us all a favor, and go become a career cashier at hot topic, and call it a life. im not a fan of the drama that has come with this band from time to time, but, well, the songs are good. good work guys.

  • Beefusmaximus

    This really didn’t need to happen

    At least we’ll have KROQ to play the livin’ s*** out of it!!!!!

    • Lightning |

      No one said we were going to play it.

  • Joey

    please don’t play these songs. Leave them for the ufc and moto bros

  • davey

    there r more bizkit fans out there than people think. all the music on kroq is awful. glad lb is back. I don’t care if rock rap isn’t in anymore. it’s still good and beats phonies like linkin park out of the water.

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