My New Hero? Snoop Dogg’s Uncle Junebug

junebug1 My New Hero? Snoop Doggs Uncle Junebug

I saw Snoop Dogg at Live 105’s B-F-D this past weekend. (It’s their Weenie Roast) And Bean and I were both obsessed with this 70 year-old lookin’ dude who just wandered around the stage, sometimes (sort of ) “dancing”, and sometimes just hangin’ out, standing around, drinking out of cups, talking to the band members. WTF? I love him so much.

Did some research, and according to Star Pulse, when Snoop was younger he ” had to endure life lessons in a nearby trailer from 67-year-old, alcoholic Uncle Junebug, who used to babysit a young Dogg.”


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