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Topless Movie Reviews With Adult Film Star Sophie Dee

toplessmovie 1 Topless Movie Reviews With Adult Film Star Sophie Dee

Topless Movie Reviewer Sophie Dee

Usually when Friday rolls around we’re guaranteed to get two things on the Kevin & Bean show: “Don’t Bogart That Joint” and Ralph Garman‘s Movie Beat. Today, in addition to “Don’t Bogart That Joint,” we also got two other things!

With Ralph shooting on the East Coast for Seth MacFarlane‘s new film, Ted, we called in the big cans guns – Sophie Dee.

toplessmovie 3 Topless Movie Reviews With Adult Film Star Sophie Dee


For those unfamiliar, Sophie Dee is a porn star who also loves movies, and hosts the website When we found out that Ralph was out of town this week, we politely bumped our normal fill-in movie reviewer, Russ Leatherman (AKA Mr. Moviefone), in favor of the big-busted Welsh actress.

Can you really blame Kevin & Bean?

img 6487 Topless Movie Reviews With Adult Film Star Sophie Dee

For more on Sophie Dee, check out her website and twitter.

  • mikeeee

    I say Lisa May starts the “Bottom-less movie review” :)

  • Rick

    Lisa May is so hot.

  • DOM

    this sophie chick sounds like a freaking 9 yr old… she must’ve been molested long ago.

  • Milfulater

    Put her on full time. She’s sexy!

  • Matthew

    It was kinda odd listening to the movie clips before hearing the plots. However, I found myself very intrigued by the reviews. Hmmm.

  • George

    As a movie critic, Sophie Dee is a great porn star…

  • Long Beach Erick

    Sophie Dee’s topless move reiview is my new favorite site! yum!

  • ASO

    Oh my beer mug! u handsome hairy beast u.

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