Kat Corbett's Great Cadbury Egg Debate

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Cadbury Eggs

Photo by Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

Easter is this Sunday, and the most important part about this holiday is the candy! Besides Halloween, this is the only other time you can sit in front of your TV, look down, and realize [pullquote quote="I think they are disgusting runny snot balls wrapped in chocolate." credit="Kat Corbett"]you just polished off an entire bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs without feeling like a fatty.

It was brought to our attention by the lovely Kat Corbet that Cadbury Eggs have to be the worst thing in the world. To quote her exact words, she said, “I think they are disgusting runny snot balls wrapped in chocolate.”

This has now turned into the great debate. Do you despise the Cadbury Eggs or love their creamy insides? I roamed the halls of KROQ and took a survey to find out.

Here’s just some of the best responses I got…

Sluggo – “I don’t eat them, so I guess I just don’t care. How many people die at the end of this survey? 42?43?”

Kevin – “I LOVE the creamy inside!”

[pullquote quote="They Suck! Peeps are better. No Wait, anything is better." credit="Beer Mug"]Beer Mug – “They Suck! Peeps are better. No Wait, anything is better.”

Kurt St. Thomas – “Not a fan! I prefer the special edition Reese’s Egg with extra peanut butter. F*** Yay!”

DJ Omar Khan – “Never had one. To be honest I’m actually afraid of them. The inside looks like dried up moco.” Which I just learned was booger in Spanish.

Creamy Insides

Photo by Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

Stryker“I love em. They’re the best ever!”

Nicole“The grossest things on planet earth. I would rather eat fried toads.”

Chip (Kevin & Bean Phone-Op) – “I like em. But one and done.”

[pullquote quote="I actually like them. Best chocolate I've ever eaten." credit="Lisa - Music Director"]Lisa (KROQ’s music director) – “I actually like them. Best chocolate I’ve ever eaten.” She seemed a little timid with her answer, maybe because her office neighbor had a very different opinion.

Aissa (Marketing Director) – “F***ING HATE THEM! They’re disgusting!”

Where is all this anger coming from you may ask yourself? Well, one winter little Aissa had her favorite winter coat and put the Cadbury Egg inside the front pocket. The egg of course melted and sealed her pocket shut. Instead of her mother buying her a new coat, little Aissa had to go all winter with only one hand in  pocket and the other left frozen in the cold. So this is really just a personal hatred, but still funny as hell.

Cadbury Eggs

Photo by Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

Sabrina (Digital) – “I don’t like them. I think they taste like cancer and it fills me with rage!”

Sadie (Phone-Op) – “I don’t like creamy s***!”

Chuck  (Promotions Coordinator) – “I like em. Especially the carmel ones.”

Super Steve (Events Coordinator) – “I love em. Carmel too!”

Adrian (Contest Coordinator) – “They’re all right I’d rather have a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg.”

Vanessa (Promo) – “Don’t like them. Especially with the cream. I’m not a fan of the cream.” Sorry boys.

Rita (Promo) – “I love em! Especially caramel. Biting into the creamy middle part is the best.”

Paul (Promo) - ”Love em. I keep them locked up in my fridge.”

Brad (Commercial Production) – “So amazing!”

There’s plenty more, but here is my scientific conclusion… The men here at KROQ seem to really like the delectable treat with cream inside, and the girls not so much.

What do you think?

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