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[Coachella 2011 Review] Best Coast, Death From Above 1979, Duran Duran, Duck Sauce, Kanye West

Death From Above 1979

dfa1 faith ann [Coachella 2011 Review] Best Coast, Death From Above 1979, Duran Duran, Duck Sauce, Kanye West

Artist Sound: Sleazy, swaggering take-no-prisoner alternative punk from two musicians who sound like six.

Crowd Response: Shrieking, cheering, moshing, stage diving, and overall mayhem. Lots of people saying, “I don’t know who this band is but I love them!”

Performance Adjectives: Brash, bold, energetic, sexy, sweaty

Notable Songs Played: “Turn It Out,” “Go Home, Get Down,” “You’re Lovely (But You’ve Got Problems),” “You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.”

Poignant Moments: Sebastian Grainger got pissed off at sound tech for taking too long and threw his drum stick at him.

Hype Vs. Reality:  Reunited duo, Death From Above 1979, is probably one of the coolest bands to grace the main stage at Coachella with their thrashed out dance-punk circa early ’00s and their underground reputation–rather than being a currently popular mainstream artist or an old popular band. One of my top shows of the festival.

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  • jv

    Kanye was effing epic, of all the artist this past weekend only kanye was able to draw such a crowd and energy.
    As much as people love to hate him I’m glad this performance was able to shut everyone up. Don’t deny it people, i saw yall boppin your head to his beats.
    everyone go look up the performance of gold digger and listen to the sing along!


    Kanye’s set was f’in EPIC! ! !

  • jelly-rollo

    Kayne West put up one of the glitziest Broadway shows of outdoor festivals I’ve seen. It was amusing but not musically enthralling as music bands go but entertaining.

  • karenw

    Duran Duran wasn’t at all boring for me…I loved every one of their songs (of course I am ‘old’). Loved Kanye too, just wished I hadn’t been surrounded by 6 ft men with their arms in the air THE ENTIRE TIME and could hardly see a thing! Still what I heard was awesome.

  • joko

    Kanye started off strong but fizzled fast. There were a lot of boos and even a kanye sucks chant. Kanye did not get Coachella and Coachella did not get him. Everytime he talked the boos got worse. I’m not sure how you can give a review like this and not get fired. The place was empty by the last song…The intro was pretty tight though.

  • Jared Risman


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