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[Interview] Dave Grohl On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

davescreamsmic [Interview] Dave Grohl On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

What was it like for Moll to have such an in-depth view of Grohl’s music writing process and ultimately, his day-to-day activities? Moll said that Grohl is a master at the balancing act of life, effortlessly taking care of many aspects:

“It was interesting to see the process because they would be recording a little bit and say, ‘OK. I’m going to go write some lyrics.’ So, it’s a process. It’s a creative process. I found it rather interesting.”

[pullquote quote=”We’ll do it in the garage and I’m sure it will turn out fine. And it’s amazing. Best record we ever made.”]”It was interesting watching Dave work because on the one hand, you know, he’s like this consummate musician who takes the music very seriously…but he’s also extremely well-organized. He’s got these graphs on the wall and these charts and everything happens right when he says.”

“He’s always got his lap-book open, looking at the calendar and saying, ‘OK. On Wednesday…’ He would text me at like six in the morning saying, ‘OK. Rise and shine!’ Yeah, so it’s a split kind of thing.”Laughing outrageously, Grohl got the whole studio laughing when he replied:

“Both sides of the brain, dude. Left and right, yo. Whole! Big old brain…pumping…stuff!”

One part of it, is that Grohl can do his own thing, essentially running his own record label and making all the major decisions for the Foo Fighters without any pressure from the music business machine.

“We’ve been really lucky for years. The people that we work with have been cool enough to let us do our own thing. The people at the big label just know, ‘OK. They’re going to make a record in the garage? OK. Leave them alone. When they come out, I’m sure it will be a Foo Fighters record and it will be OK. “

“But, I mean, this band has gotten to this point that we never imagined being around this long. We never imagined being as popular as we are and we’re just as shocked as anyone else that we’re a famous rock band, you know? And to me, it was like, ‘OK. Well, there’s a lot of expectation on the band now.’ Then people are like, ‘Oh. You’re the Foo Fighters? Then you must be this great rock band.'”

In the end, despite the haters of the past, the pressure of the present, or continued success in the future, Grohl is just excited to have made the best record of his life.

“And we’ve never felt like the greatest rock band in the world, so to diffuse some of that expectation, I thought, ‘You know, let’s just be cool about it.’ We’ll do it in the garage and I’m sure it will turn out fine. And it’s amazing. Best record we ever made.”

  • Tony Banks

    Dave is an amazing man filled with talent……

  • todd lee

    I met dave once and he is the coolest, most down to earth guy in music. His ego isnt huge like 95% of rock stars out there.

  • BIG M

    I couldn’t say enough about how much I feel about Dave and the Foo Fighters, they’ve touched my soul in so many ways, although I could have done with out a lot of the screaming in the songs. I know it was a Dave and James day, but I would like to know why there was no mention of, on anyones part of the interview, Kurt’s death anniversary today. I love you all, even lameo K & B.

  • frank

    Saw the movie last night, amazing!!!. And the performance, wow, cant wait to buy the new album.

    By the end of the movie, you forget about Nirvana, and realize how great the Foo Fighters are….they need to play the Super Bowl (i know random) but the band is that big and epic.

  • Messi

    everything happens for a reason and we’re grateful to have a band like the foo fighters. in another universe, kobain is still alive and nirvana still rocking it but no foo fighters.

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