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[Interview] Dave Grohl On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star (page 5)

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daveguitar [Interview] Dave Grohl On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

Despite his kindly, good-hearted demeanor, watching the documentary made Grohl face some of his demons, mostly in the form of the way he went about making past decisions in the band.

“Honestly, our first drummer William, you know we redid the drums on the second album…I don’t necessarily regret it, no, because the album turned out great. I don’t think we’d be here talking had I not done it, you know? But I do regret the way I went about the whole thing. As a man now, I probably would have dealt with things differently.”

“Now I’ve been a leader of this band for sixteen years, I probably would have done it better. That was probably the hardest thing for me.”

Joking, Grohl elaborated:

“I’m a ruthless prick when it comes to working. Get out of my way!…You know, I think the way it works in the Foo Fighters is that I’m a spazz…So when things start to happen you kind of got to jump on the train quick because if you don’t get on it, you’re just going to be left on the side of the road.  And that’s just kind of what happens.”

[pullquote quote="It's weird. I honestly don't feel any different than I did in 1995 or whatever."]“We have a great relationship, this band. We’re a really functional band. It’s not a dysfunctional band. We each help each other and every person serves their part in the band and they look to me just to sort of steer the thing along.”

“It’s hard to imagine that the last sixteen years have been spent doing this. It’s weird. I honestly don’t feel any different than I did in 1995 or whatever…It was one of the great things about the beginning of the band, ‘Well, they’re going to suck.’”

“They didn’t know that we’d be that good. People were like, ‘Well, they don’t suck that bad.’ So we’re winning right out of the gate!”

PAGE 6 Dave has never considered himself a real rock star.

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