This Dude Gave Up Everything BUT Beer For Lent. Sir, We Salute You!

jwilson1 This Dude Gave Up Everything BUT Beer For Lent. Sir, We Salute You!

Photo credit to J. Wilson's blog

Around this time of year, many people will give up something for Lent (beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting til Easter Sunday). Usually the chosen thing to give up is something of indulgence or a bad habit in order to make a sacrifice, whether it be for religious or health purposes.

Lots of people I know will give up Facebook, sugar, fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Well, J. Wilson, from Corning (ha ha), Iowa decided to give up everything but beer and water for the entire 46 days of observation! And this guy is supposedly going to be functional during this time???


To start off, who is J. Wilson? Apparently he’s a journalist, beer blogger, home brewer, and beer judge, so if anyone were to give up beer for Lent, it should be that guy! Instead, he went the other route and is giving up everything but beer!

Wilson set up a new blog, just for his beer fast. He takes us on a day-by-day update of his progress. His reasoning for this particular fast?

“In the 1600’s, the Paulaner monks outside of Munich came over from Italy [and] immediately set up a brewery for sustenance and economic reasons… Water was not really safe to drink. They didn’t understand micro-organisms and what made them ill. They just knew that it was safer to drink beer, which has been boiled during production so it is safe to drink and full of nutrients.  They started to amp up the recipe during their Lent and fast to make sure they had all the nutrients and more sustenance to get through Lent. That’s where the origin of the doppelbock style of beer [came from] and that’s what I’m drinking [for Lent].”

How’s that for a beer-history lesson? Wilson went on to say that he’s usually around 140 lbs., and that he put on about 20 lbs. in order to prepare for the beer fast. The challenge is to drink beer for nutritional purposes, and to avoid getting drunk in the process.

With a 12 oz. beer being 288 calories, and consumed 4 times daily on weekdays, 5 times daily on weekends, that only amounts to 1152 calories on weekdays and 1440 calories on the weekends, so he’ll definitely be dropping the added weight by the time the fast is over.

What does this teach us? You can lose weight by drinking beer! Wait… that’s not the lesson? Dang it! Listen to his interview with Kevin & Bean:


One Comment

  1. clinnays says:

    well that’s not really the point of Lent. He should have given up the beer (and kept everything else) since beer’s obviously the thing most important to him. Which is the point.

  2. Nick says:

    @ Clinnays: Exactly! That little history info was interesting though, never would of known that.

  3. Anthony says:

    … So why is he eating a donut?

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