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Who Is Mike Catherwood And Why Is He Dancing With The Stars?

mike couch385x240 Who Is Mike Catherwood And Why Is He Dancing With The Stars?

That’s what millions of Americans are asking themselves. The cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 12 was just announced during The Bachelor. Among the list of well-known celebrity castmembers is one not-so widely known “Psycho” Mike Catherwood.

Chances are, unless you’re a KROQ or Loveline fan, you have no clue who this Catherwood guy is.

So, who is he and why was he cast on one of America’s most beloved and highly ranked prime-time shows?

Starting March 12th, Mike will dance against the following stars:

  • Kirstie Alley
  • Kendra Wilkinson
  • Wendy Williams
  • Chris Jericho
  • Lil’ Romeo
  • Disney star Chelsea Kane
  • Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hines Ward
  • Ralph Macchio
  • Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Petra Nemcova

Like Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Carson Daly, Kennedy and Matt “Money” Smith, Mike Catherwood is yet another talented soul smart enough to utilize KROQ and The Kevin & Bean Show to launch a career.

We’ll gloss over the fact that he’s a Rutgers grad and an incredibly snappy dresser. But, Mike is not your ordinary Kevin & Bean lackey.

After a battle with drugs and alcohol, Mike not only turned his life around, but decided to change directions and pursue his dreams of rock n roll. What better place to start than the biggest alt-rock station in the country? Unfortunately, at radio, everyone starts at the bottom. In 2003 Mike interviewed for and landed a job as a KROQ promotions assistant.

A year into his job as promotions assistant, Mike learned of a job opening on The Kevin & Bean Show for a board-op. Despite a hilariously horrible interview, Kevin & Bean saw something special in him and brought him aboard.

mike drdrew Who Is Mike Catherwood And Why Is He Dancing With The Stars?

Dr. Drew and Mike at The GRAMMYS

Flash forward to 2010, Mike not only proved himself a true radio host, but he landed the co-host position on the nationally syndicated Loveline Show opposite Dr. Drew. He now uses some of his greatest flaws for good. Learning from his issues with substance abuse, he’s able to dole out solid and entertaining advice that the listeners trust.

Mike recently won a contest that had him co-host Live with Regis & Kelly for a day. Out of hundreds of DJs, Mike chosen to be flown to New York to sit in an entire episode with Kelly Ripa. This turned out to be a pivotal moment in his career.

PAGE 2 Mike sits down and answers a few burning questions.

  • jake farrell

    Mike, sorry you got eliminated but you had the BEST EXIT DANCE EVER ON THE PROGRAM! You were much better than the boxer and several others! Hard luck. You were great!

  • john mcardle

    handsome young man with a pleasant demeanor…….his success with his drug problem and how he composed himself on DWS is a great role model for the young people to admire…………best of luck Mike…..keep it up

  • carl

    Mike’s no fun because he does not drink. He’s too much of a straight shooter when it comes to alcohol. Go have a drink, loosen up and enjoy your fame.

  • Name

    i hope he burns forever

  • Jan Weir

    Please check out

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