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Weezer Makes A Jingle For State Farm

weezer statefarm Weezer Makes A Jingle For State Farm

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

We have all heard this jingle from the State Farm commercials and I know that I always get the jingle stuck in my head for weeks. Well, it looks like I’m going to be humming and singing it for a little while longer.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Weezer[/lastfm] teamed up with the insurance company to make the ultimate State Farm jingle! Not only did the band do their own version of the jingle, but they also provided us with a video of the band performing it in studio.

This is further proof that Rock ‘n’ Roll makes everything better.

  • david v hernan

    i thought weezer was a real band… they messed up doing this advertisement.. i know you are goin to say that you have your own peragative but you are trippen…. i know you guys evolve but not with the corporate world… sad. i dont know what to say… ive been listenting to you since the begining.. and now i cant… you sound like a joke… i llove you guys and you sound bad.. stay to your roots… i maybe too real but take some advice.

  • david v hernan

    but i do want to say that the best music you have made was the red album… after that you made crap… and its hard for me to say that.. you guys are awesome and you are on your kneees for your corporate kings… sad. come back to reality.

  • david v hernan

    state farm is there for me… what the… are you serious rivers…i know your head is up yours… its sad… bro.. i respect you..people love you… be real… what happen.. my brother in law works for 311 and he and the band hasnt come down to that level .. and i respect that… the reall fans will pay yoru bills… not farmers or whatever you advertise… hit me up so i can give you some advise… and by the way.. ive bought all yoru albums.. even your sorry A%$ albums… i believe in your but if you dont bring some good stuff i gotta start advertsing some bad energy for you… there are good artist out there that are handling.. and you arent.. sorry bros… red album… …. hit me up

  • david v hernan

    i have one more thing to say… YOUR FANS MAKE YOU… and you OWE them good music..they been there since the start… Please… im not the only one……YOU GOT TALENT>> JUST USE IT.

  • david v hernan

    and its sad but i know you cant negatively answer to this message because of your contracts with farmers or state farm or whatever you advertise… but answer me if your the same band that sticks to there roots..

    • whitney houston

      sounds like someone has a lot of time in their hands but oh well. im sure the band.

      FYI: you sound like you’ve worked for state farm, but i’m just guessing

  • TDavis

    Horrible. Just plain horrible

  • possum

    no, rock n roll does not make everything better.

  • CMO

    I dont like the weezer….

    Music had become boring and uninspired. Not Incubus boring and uninspired but almost as bad….

  • punisher jose

    what is thiss!

    • frank

      this is my new favorite weezer song

  • 311 douchebag

    @david v hernan spoken lik a tru 311 fan bro can’t wait 4 311 day aka 420

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