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Where To Eat After Drinking: The Great Debate [Part 1]

scottdrunk Where To Eat After Drinking: The Great Debate [Part 1]

"Extreme Hair" chows down a 4x4

For years, the debate has raged within the walls of KROQ. After a night of heavy drinking, where’s the single best place to eat in SoCal? In & Out, Del Taco, Tommy’s, Taco Bell, Denny’s, how ’bout Supersteve’s favorite D.U.I. Fries at Jim’s in Pico Rivera? Oh wait, what the two-taco deal at Jack In The Box?

It’s about time we came to a conclusion.

Part 1. This is where you list your single favorite after-drinking restaurant.


  • Must be open late
  • Must have indoor or outdoor seating. We don’t want to sit in our car.
  • Management doesn’t frown upon intoxication.

We’ll compile and narrow your comments down to a top ten list. Then, in Part 2, we’ll have a formal poll to determine the winner.

  • Eric

    In n’ out or del taco…nothing better

  • Hector

    With parents that still reside in Pico Rivera, I would have to say Jim’s DUI…… but old school if anyone else can remember it was all about, “Jay Burgers” off of Santa Monica Blvd. That place had the best burgers and put Tommy’s to shame. Chile Cheese burgers with an over hard egg in it (do not knock it, until you try it). THE BEST EVER!!!!!! It was a little shack literally. Only a two man crew and they worked on the honor system. Eat first pay when you are done……Sad to say they closed down (it is now Sean Burger, not sure if it is the same) :(

  • Donna

    In-N-Out all the way. But if you just want something sweet to eat and a nice hot drink….DONUT MAN in Glendora ROCKS. (Open 24 hours but no seating.) Mmmmm….Tiger Tail.

  • John

    Pinks Hot Dogs. So Cal classic, never know what celebs or drunks from the clubs you’ll run into.

  • noemi garcia

    king taco
    4504 E. 3rd St.
    Los Angeles, Ca 90022
    i believe it is 24hrs

  • brittany

    naw you gta grease your stomach with in-n-out!!!! for sure. theres nothing like salty ass fries with xtra spread.. get you feelin fat n full.. then go home and take a huge nap…omg…..hangover heaven…

  • GM

    Naugles….Oh wait

  • RicK


    culver city

    for shure .the best to prevent hangover!

  • nick

    KING TACO in east L.A. on 3rd st. Food is good and the view is better!

  • lisa

    D.U.I. at jim’s pico rivera. i remember those nights……..

  • Mr French

    PINKS hot dogs in Hollywood!

    Bacon Burrito Dog!!! Open late and has great drunk food, its hot dogs….hot dogs! It has other stuff to go with the dogs even has a dog for the veggie eater your friend brought!

  • Vanessa

    Man CHANOS on South Figueroa by USC their food is BOMB SON! and you can’t go wrong especially if your ass is drunk and looking for a bombass meal to grub on! this place is always packed and it’s open late suckas! I recommend you try the Nachos with Carne Asada and The carne asada fries!! Your in HEAVEN FOR SURE!!

  • Vanessa

    My Mistake CHANOS is open 24/7!! Make sure to go to the original one which is a small little building and the seating is outside!!

  • SP

    For sure…
    J & S in Montebello

    887 N Garfield Ave
    Montebello, CA 90640

    Cheap and Great!

  • Allan

    Tacos El Gavilan

    They are the shit! After a night of partying it up 80’s style at the Hully Gully!!! Whut whut!

  • Carlos

    Has to be Jack’s, it’s quick, easy and its fatty heavy food, that almost guarntee’s sobriety in a fast minute.

  • Jeremiah

    OC – Molcasalsa

    LA – King Taco, Swingers Diner

  • @bikeslut

    Kitchen 24 in Hollywood: 24 hour diner and bar, or Fred 62 in Los Feliz.
    Both with a wide enough menu so you’ll be able to find something to satisfy that post-drinking desire.

  • Jaymes

    gotta be the cactus in hollywood. AWESOME PASTOR. or
    Canters Deli in LA. open 24hrs. Best Pastrami on rye!!!!

  • Ken L

    Not sure if it’s 24 hrs, but many a buzzed night has been spent at Diana’s in Carson. Good, REAL Mexican food, fellow drunks around, giant burritos, it’s awesome

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