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Miss Double D-cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist – Christine

christine2 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Christine

Miss Double D-cember 2011 Finalist - Christine

Name: Christine
Occupation: Psychology Student/Amateur Sex Therapist
Home Town: Brea

If you wrote your autobiography, what would the title be?
Know Why the Caged Whore Sings

If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
Retractable Bone Claws – so I could claw off yo face!

If you were a “porn star,” what would your made-up stage name be?
Sally Swallows

If they named a new dessert after you, what delicious ingredients would be in it?
Red Velvet Cupcake Mix made with Bourbon + Vanilla Frosting & sprinkled with Atomic Fire Balls and Warheads.

If selected as a finalist, you’ll be asked to perform in a talent show. What’s your talent?
I can untwist two beer bottles with my boobs. Boo ya!


christine 3 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Christine

christine 5 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Christine


missdd2011 webcast 300x250 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Christine

  • Carlos

    This girl is F@# hot! but fake boobs??? come on guys…. No Fake boobs…. She is damn pretty! but fake boobs??? :(

  • greased up def guy

    And all I got was this lousy key chain!

  • OhNoSheDidn't

    She’s beautiful, she’s busty, she’s smart, she’s likable…but from her interview it sounds like she’s not even a K&B listener; she said in her interview when asked why she entered, “This is just fun, I’ve heard of [the pageant] before and I’ve gone to the event and everything…it’s right in Fullerton, so, a lot of people I know always go to it and it’s just a lot of fun and I think [it] just kind of fits me like something that has to do with boobs and something that’s kind of fun.” What is suggested by that is that she doesn’t listen to the show and only knows about the competition because of friends that are listeners. The only reason to enter is the fact that she is qualified and it would be fun to try out. This is her only fault, but it’s a big one. I’m sure there are other girls who are actual fans of the show and would actually be thrilled at the opportunity to interact with it directly as well as being able to go to all the events mentioned, which in my eyes make them more qualified.

    tl;dr: Near perfection in this one, but isn’t a K&B listener; let’s give an actual listener the joy of being Miss DDecember.

    • STFU

      Hey Psycho — go vote for your fat friend & STFU.

      • OhNoSheDidn't

        How about no and NO U.

  • Richaaay

    You’re simply amazing. My vote is marked with a big circle around the name “Christine”.

    Good Luck girly hope ya win :)

  • ekardb

    This should be the next Miss D-cember! Hands down!

  • Mark

    winner from the start…if she doesnt win, it’s fixed!

  • JohnV

    She seems to have a funny personality. She has my vote.

  • DON


  • RawDawg

    BEAUTIFUL eyes, GREAT body!!! I could use some sex therapy

  • Gran Papi Chulo

    Damn, I soo wanna be her future ex and baby daddy!!

  • sweden fan

    Awesome, you got my vote!!! SO HOT!!!

  • Dezertdog

    Where can I get one of these bottle openers?? You got my vote babe!! She has the looks! she has the ultimate bod!!

  • Ricky


    • brad

      Don’t be jealous just because she is obviously HOTTER then ur Fat Friend!

  • Jacques

    Motor boat!!!

  • RAY


  • Kevin

    If Christine doesn’t win there is something wrong with the world she’s perfect

  • Kevin

    If Christine doesn’t win this there’s something really wrong with the world, she’s perfect.

  • Micah

    We have a winner woaaaaaaah nelly!

  • Vic

    You can double my vote for Christine!!!!

  • Kevin


  • chepo

    yeah woow

  • aren

    i’m so happy (tears)

  • Gran Papi Chulo

    Congrats Christine, I knew you’d win!!!

  • kristina davis

    glad i voted for her!!! whoppp whooop BREA!!!

  • dwurst

    Yeah she was the HOTTEST one there. Loved the hiking gold skirt… Sweeeeeet

  • sarah may

    hawtest one out of the bunch

  • Aque

    That’s the POWER of the Silicon! XD

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