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Miss Double D-cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist – Amy

amy Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Amy

Miss Double D-cember 2011 Finalist - Amy

Name: Amy
Occupation: Banker
Home Town: Orange

If you wrote your autobiography, what would the title be?
Amy Tran: My Life As a Sexy Nerd

If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
I would control people with my mind to get whatever I want. I would use this power to rule the world and be ridiculously wealthy, all while wearing stilettos.

If you were a “porn star,” what would your made-up stage name be?

If they named a new desert after you, what delicious ingredients would be in it?

If selected as a finalist, you’ll be asked to perform in a talent show. What’s your talent?
I can pick things up with my toes.

amy 1 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Amy

amy 2 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Amy

missdd2011 webcast 300x250 Miss Double D cember 2011 Top Ten Finalist   Amy


One Comment

  1. JOSH says:


  2. misty says:

    She seems boring and why does she keep covering her stomach? Maybe she has a beer gut 😛

  3. matt says:

    Katana is hott she seems to have all the rite doubleness mmm lol 😉

  4. chilly says:

    im a sucker with exotic eyes like that…….oh yeah and those dd’s i love her.. i mean i pick her lol

  5. dwurst says:

    LIKE IT….

  6. Junior l says:

    Seen her in a Porno

    1. dude says:

      same here

      1. liz says:

        no u did not dumb@$$e$$. she’s a banker. she has the most respectable profession of all the other girls. Clearly she has brains too. look at the other chicks. they’re way more porno looking. stop making crap up.

      2. steve says:

        Just because the Tranny is a bank teller does not mean that she can’t do porn on the side. If this girl had a truly respectable position (?) she would not apply for Miss Double D. Liz, you are either Amy or a friend of Amy’s, so take it down a notch.

  7. MIchael says:

    dont trust the yellow man!

  8. joe says:

    she looks good….but something does’nt seem right…my penus is like ” whatever”

  9. Erik says:

    OMG she Asian….. i just fell in love +D

  10. sean says:

    name a desert after you? try dessert…

  11. Dave says:

    2 OUT OF 4 ISN’T BAD……

  12. desiree says:

    sounds like misty is a HATER!!!! Hope you win Amy!

  13. Sandy says:

    Meh… I only like her hair, but it is only their to cover her eyes for us because obviously she cant look a camera dead on… covering up for a laz eye maybe? And in the second picture the car is more in the shot than she is! Is this a miss DD contestant or a mustang add? well this pictue doesnt make me want to vote for you or buy the mustang… stick to porn… you only have to lay their and moan with your eyes closed, whichis good for you.

    1. Big D says:

      Why are you destructively putting Amy down? Your hater comments gives off the aura of jealousy. Did you not have enough to make it as a finalist? Its ok, just try again next time.

    2. Chacarron says:

      She’s not my favorite either, but why you mad tho? Just don’t vote for her, you jealous slut.

  14. DannyA818 says:

    OMG.. where can I see more of this woman..

  15. daniel says:

    most exotic one. 10

    1. BRIAN says:

      FYI, DANIEL, over 50% of the entire WORLD is asian….it’s just about the least exotic thing you could be. Have you opened your eyes lately? lmfao.

  16. david says:

    you girls are haters. Amy is the hottest one. The other girls just have big titties and nothing else. At least she has a unique look, not just another boring white girl with boobs

    1. Token says:

      minority = unique

    2. BRIAN says:

      david, what’s annoying about your comment is that–it’s severely just dumb…a) This is a big titty competition, if you don’t like it, get the f**k out; b) Not just another boring white girl?…I’m all about exotic girls…but she is literally a wannabe-white Asian girl–she has fake blond hair, fake blue contacts…and a couple other fake things I noticed. Get a clue.

      1. Frank Jr says:

        David get a clue! Fake blue contacts, look close dumb A@#. Her eyes are closed in her first picture. You can’t tell in the next picture what color her eyes are (brown by the way). What is fake blond hair by the way, its called a dye. !00% of women today dye there hair black/blond/red/brown or just touch it up. I bet not one chick here has her real hair color. By the way more than half the girls have fake t*ts (did you miss that) on this. ITS ALL ABOUT T*TS HERE!!!!

      2. BRIAN says:

        Oh Frank, it’s so sad you suffer from being color blind….but agree to disagree on the color of this broad’s eyes. Your argument that this girl is unique because by comparison to every other woman in your life has fake hair, fake tits and fake everything else I’m sure, she somehow surpasses this standard….way to shoot for the sky, lol. Oh, and perhaps girl dye there hair, and a lot of them at that…but there’s a difference between a white chick dying her hair blonde and brown or red, and an asian girl making herself look like she has anglo features because she is disatisfied with representing the natural beauty in her ethnic background. Just seems sad to even look at her. So, Frank, get a clue tambien. lol.

  17. CARLOS says:


  18. DD Master says:

    hmm on the fence about this one. I think I need to do more thinking in person, with a blind fold and my hands.

  19. mikeDDD says:

    shes asian she cant win

  20. Juanito says:

    Tran? For tran-sexual??? PASS!!!

    1. Tom says:

      your lame.its so obvious you’re one of the other girls friends posting negative comments. You posted negative comments on most other girls pages too. most dudes dont say “ew”.

      1. FmE!! says:


  21. Joey says:

    She looks like she’s smelling her own fart in the first picture. And she still made my top 3! killa body.

  22. Singin says:

    Damn that is a Hotl!! Would love to see her in person!!!

  23. Tom says:

    finally Kevin and Bean pick someone exotic! she’s got the asian temptation thing going for her. You got my vote Amy.

  24. says:

    dont worry about the haters Amy! They’re just jealous. They dont even have anything concrete to say, only stupid bs. Obviously you dont have a lazy eye or a beer gut. Dont think you’d be entering this contest if you did.


    Hey, I saw Shim dance at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood!!!

  26. Lime says:

    Haters be Hatin.

  27. TLo says:

    That nose tells me she was once a dude. Naw!

  28. Gran Papi Chulo says:

    I feel sorry for that Mustang, or any car for that matter! Asian + driving = accident waiting to happen! 😦

    Great looking tits tho! Too bad she doesnt have any ass! 😦

    1. Dustin says:

      ur wrong buddy. she totally does.

  29. Dustin says:

    omg, wtf? that’s my banker! u foos are crazy. she is freaken hot. i always have her help me, even if there is a line to see her. my vote is on Amy the banker!

  30. DREA says:

    You go girl! Good luck I hope you win

  31. estudioG says:

    My friend says he’s a banker too, that’s code for teller.

    1. bobby says:

      ur friend is lame for telling people he’s a banker when he’s a teller. bankers do loans, open accounts, etc. tell your friend to quit posing. its not gonna help him get girls

      1. estudioG says:

        I know he’s lame I talk $hit to him all the time when he says that. But I’ve known him for years so…

  32. KMason says:

    Smart, funny, hot body, sexy but not trashy – Amy’s the winner.

  33. bobby says:

    wow, she’s a hot little asian fortune cookie. im voting Amy all the way to the bank

  34. Nuclear Power says:

    She is the first girl I clicked on and I’ve already spent myself!!

  35. Gran Papi Chulo says:

    She’s a FAKE!!!!! Fake boobies FTL!!!

  36. Xavier says:

    Amy your so hot.. beautiful voice too.. she has my vote!!!

  37. Frank Jr says:

    Steve, take your panties out of your A@#. If you dont like the “Tranny” why you on her page so much. Looks like you have the hidden issues. Just because she is the hottest girl here you dont have to hate.

  38. eric says:

    hot asian chick with a body like that, and brains, she’s in!!

  39. Doug says:

    Me love yoooooooo looooooooooong time Amy!!

  40. Jake says:

    I know who should win, the one who is smart enough to take pics with mustangs…now if only you could be in mine haha

    Good Luck Amy!

  41. EREK says:


  42. mailman says:

    thought she was a tranny, but thats only first impressions.

    not too fond of her tendencies towards domination and sadism…

    and a nerd? really? what does “banking” mean? investment banking? or like teller banking? cause there is a difference… i can throw out buzz words too: “strategic analyst”… (i.e. think about how i’ll get a job)

  43. Joe says:

    So what??? Maybe she does have a beer gut. That just means she parties. Hater!

  44. some dude says:

    She has puffy cheeks, kind of a fat face

  45. Slade says:

    She’s the hottest one because she’s the least fattest

  46. Jacob says:

    Ban all white girls ! Its about time we have a sexy Asian girl on here.

  47. steve says:

    You look great, Amy-sweet personality too-#1 in a landslide

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