Listen To The Smashing Pumpkins New Track “Tom Tom”

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acx night1 thesmashingpumpkins rauch 0001 Listen To The Smashing Pumpkins New Track Tom Tom

The Internet sure has it’s perks, especially when it comes to song leaks. For most artists and their labels unscheduled track leaks are a frightening surprise.

Luckily for fans of [lastfm]The Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm], Billy Corgan actually embraced the premature release of “Tom Tom” by tweeting a link directly back to the track. The new song wasn’t supposed to drop until November 22nd as part of the 44-track epic Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, but an unidentified sneakster snagged it and posted it for all the world to enjoy.

“Tom Tom”

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