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Kevin’s Charity: Friends & Helpers – Please Help Us Make This Chunky Little Man Happy!

Sometimes kids have to grow up way too soon. Violence in the home is one of the brutal realities kids sometimes have to face. That’s why my wife and I started a charity called Friends & Helpers, to support victims of domestic abuse.

It’s not something that’s fun to talk about, but women who fear for their safety have to run away from home with nothing but their kids and the clothes on their backs. They run to shelters for a place to stay, counseling, and help getting back into the work force so they can start rebuilding their families with love, and without violence.



The holidays can be especially difficult for these broken families, and that’s where we come in. At we get lists from each specific mom and child, and we match them with volunteers who adopt them, and provide exactly what they want. Our biggest request this year? Food. For Christmas. We also make thousands of stockings packed with gifts and candy. 100% of what you give goes directly to those who need it.

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If you’d like to help, go to our website at You can donate any amount with a credit card, or with a text.

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Dial 27138 and text the word and amount “STOCKING 25.” That donation will give a child a stocking filled with gifts. You can also donate  your time. Anything you can give is very much appreciated and will make a direct impact on a family this year!

Or bid on guitars signed by some of our biggest artists, like Green Day, Them Crooked Vultures, Mark Hoppus, Trent Reznor, and Linkin Park. Click to make your bid.

  • jack mcmichael jr

    is there an mailing address to mail to i wont put my credit card on the enter net

  • jb

    Do you know the Friends & Helpers website is down? Just an FYI.

    • Yvette

      It’s up=}

  • dante

    Site is down sadface. i hope to get the family and i to volunteer our time this year.

  • david ortega

    Hello, I was listening to the charity opportunity and I would like to adopt a family for Christmas. I was completely moved by the listener who was once helped. Thank you,

  • angela

    when I click on the link it says Error establishing a database connection

    Is that only my computer?? I would love to donate my time for wrapping, etc. while im off work. Please tell me how.

  • Tim

    Definitely down to text a donation. I hope you guys get a ton of donations.

  • Erin

    I tried to get to the website for friends&helpers and it wouldn’t work. :( I hope this gets back in order soon so I can do my part to help.

  • Brian link is broken… database error…

  • thegraffixgirl


    happiness thank you for the need


  • matthew

    u know kevin and bean, they probably didnt pay theyre internet bill, im sure the site is being blasted by all of us kroqers!!

  • manuel maldonado

    leave a reply here…hey kiven&bean i was wounding if maybe u guys can help me out me & my family r looking at beening evicted cuz we cant catch up on r rent this month so we wont be able to give r 2 kids a xmas this year due to not being able work to take care of my cuz of an injury i had happen to me at work in 2005 which left me with never damage to the upper right side of my body which is called (crps)that doesnt allow me work so my wife works & i take care of my kids but we still cant get by i applyed 4 welfare which only gives us so much which is not much & now all iv been given this month r 3day notices & the welfare says they cant help me keep a roof over my kids heads its just hard im going thru so much w/ my injury its tuff having (crps) so im hoping u guys can maybe helps us out. thankx p.s i love listing u to guys every morning u guys r the best its all kroq so f the rest 106.7 is the best thankx againe

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