First Listen: Travis Barker And Tom Morello Track, “Carry It”


The other night, I head over to the Rainbow Room like I often do after work. I love it there. Those bar dwellers in there have NO idea what era we’re in. To them it’s 1987 and although I was not doing what they were doing in 1987 because I was still an infant, I often find myself hoping that Doc will show up in the DeLorean and take me back to the debauchery that was the Sunset Strip in the 80’s. The people who frequent the Rainbow Room ┬álive everyday inside that bar like it’s 1987. Hence it’s appeal. Perhaps that is why most rock-n-roll bad asses can be found there on any given night of the week. On my night at the Rainbow Room, I got Tom Morello.

Thank you baby Jesus.

Long story cut very short, Tom Morello is one of my musical heroes. Not only because he plays guitar like it is an extension of his penis, um, I mean arm; not only because of his intellect and because he takes his mom to movies on Christmas night, but because of how far his musical reach extends and because of how generous he is with his talent. He is why the term “all that” was invented.

So I read a little something about Tom Morello and I thought to myself, “Lord have mercy!” What prompted me to actually say that out loud was the news that Tom Morello had collaborated with Travis Barker, who I am also quite in awe of. Those two? On one track? Holy smoking sh*t. Sign me up son!

Well finally, Travis is about to release his solo record, Give The Drummer Some, and the track is out! and it is ferocious. It’s white-hot.

The track is called “Carry It” and it also features, RZA and Raekwon most notably from the Wu-Tang Clan. So imagine those two characters doing what they do along with Travis pummeling down on the drums and Tom Morello’s scorching hot expressive guitar!


First, check out this behind the scenes glimpse into the making of “Carry It”

It’s pretty bad ass. Undeniable.

Give The Drummer Some comes out November 9th 2010.


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