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A Day In The Life Of Linkin Park

Chester and Mike of Linkin Park

So, you think being a rock star is all fun and games? That’s what I thought. I was under the impression that being a rock star entailed rock n rolling all night, and sleeping all day. I thought rock stars had a bunch of spending money, rode in fast cars, and got all the girls, every day all day.


The guys of [lastfm]Linkin Park [/lastfm]actually do the opposite of everything I just said, from interviews, to concerts, to rehearsal for their new tour, it’s hard to imagine when they get any free time, if any, for themselves.

So the band just put out their 4th studio album A Thousand Suns, and have been  frantically flying back and forth promoting it, doing interviews, press stuff, holding some low key shows, and having meet and greets with the fans. When do they sleep all day? Do they pick up chicks between the car rides from one interview to another?

As crazy as it is, the band actually was interviewed [pullquote quote=”I hope people don’t listen to the songs, and think that we are trying to preach to them.” credit=”Mike Shinoda”] on the ride to an interview, after they had finished doing an interview. They talked about their new album and how they were relieved to receive some good reviews from critics, being as that before they have gotten 2 star reviews.

The fact of the matter is, these guys work very hard, and are always on the move promoting their music, and even putting on some intimate performances for the fans, such as their Breakfast With Kevin & Bean. Read the full interview here.

Waiting For The End (Live from Breakfast with Kevin & Bean)

  • activeskin19

    It took a bit to get used to new sound, but it rocks. Keep up the progression.

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