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New Music From Phoenix, Cake, The Temper Trap And Vampire Weekend Added To KROQ’s Most Played List

newmusicpost newkroqmusic10 New Music From Phoenix, Cake, The Temper Trap And Vampire Weekend Added To KROQs Most Played List

newmusic 3851 New Music From Phoenix, Cake, The Temper Trap And Vampire Weekend Added To KROQs Most Played List

While the usual suspects take the top spots, the real story this week is the new music that’s been recently added to the KROQ playlist. [lastfm]Cake[/lastfm] have a new song called “Sick Of You” that’s been getting a lot of requests on the phone lines, while [lastfm]Phoenix[/lastfm]’s “Lasso” gets it’s shot at joining the ranks of “1901” and “Lisztomania.”

[lastfm]The Temper Trap[/lastfm]’s “Fader” and [lastfm]Vampire Weekend[/lastfm]’s “Holiday” both join the list also. If you’re tired of seeing the same songs on the list, there’s a few ways to change that! Call in and request the songs YOU want to hear (800-520-1067) or take the music survey and tell us what you like and don’t like. Hell, if you take the survey, you even have a shot at winning free concert tickets and CD’s.

  1. [lastfm]The Dirty Heads[/lastfm] f/Rome of [lastfm]Sublime[/lastfm] “Lay Me Down”
  2. [lastfm]Muse[/lastfm] “Resistance”
  3. [lastfm]Neon Trees[/lastfm] “Animal”
  4. [lastfm]Thirty Seconds To Mars[/lastfm] “This Is War”
  5. [lastfm]Phoenix[/lastfm] “Lisztomania”
  6. [lastfm]Linkin Park[/lastfm] “Waiting For The End”
  7. [lastfm]Phoenix[/lastfm] “1901”
  8. [lastfm]Jimmy Eat World[/lastfm] “My Best Theory”
  9. [lastfm]Switchfoot[/lastfm] “The Sound”
  10. [lastfm]Slightly Stoopid[/lastfm] “2AM”
  11. [lastfm]The Temper Trap[/lastfm] “Sweet Disposition”
  12. [lastfm]The Dirty Heads[/lastfm] “Stand Tall”
  13. [lastfm]My Chemical Romance[/lastfm] “Na Na Na”
  14. [lastfm]The Black Keys[/lastfm] “Tighten Up”
  15. [lastfm]Muse[/lastfm] “Uprising”
  16. [lastfm]Anberlin[/lastfm] “Impossible”
  17. [lastfm]Florence and The Machine[/lastfm] “Dog Days Are Over”
  18. [lastfm]Arcade Fire[/lastfm] “Ready to Start”
  19. [lastfm]Bad Religion[/lastfm] “The Devil In Stitches”
  20. [lastfm]Interpol[/lastfm] “Barricade”
  21. [lastfm]Brandon Flowers[/lastfm] “Crossfire”
  22. [lastfm]The Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm] “Freak”
  23. [lastfm]Stone Temple Pilots[/lastfm] “Cinnamon”
  24. [lastfm]Mumford and Sons[/lastfm] “Little Lion Man”
  25. [lastfm]Kings Of Leon[/lastfm] “Radioactive”
  26. [lastfm]A Day To Remember[/lastfm] “Have Faith In Me”
  27. [lastfm]Muse[/lastfm] “Undisclosed Desires”

New additions:

  1. [lastfm]Cake[/lastfm] “Sick Of You”
  2. [lastfm]Phoenix[/lastfm] “Lasso”
  3. [lastfm]The Temper Trap[/lastfm] “Fader”
  4. [lastfm]Vampire Weekend[/lastfm] “Holiday”
  • cmo

    Please people stop asking them to play Slightly Stoopid….Seriously they play that almost as much as any RHCP song……

    • Frankie D

      Absolutely! Isn’t that song from 2007???

  • alexcuse

    Great to see all the new songs being added this week! Hope they will jump higher up the list soon because being outside top 27 I haven’t heard any of them on KROQ so far.

  • Bo

    good adds, KROQ. Give these songs a chance and retire some old ones.

  • drnrg

    Its about time some new adds actually made it onto the playlist. I remeber Anberlin, Weezer and Apocaliptika in the list for ages. good to hear some new sounds from Smashing Pumpkins and STP’s Cinnamon shouldd be in top 5.

  • Johnny-O

    What is that song that goes something like “I want to own your heart” it’s kind of a darker romantic style. It’s REALLY been bugging me so PLEASE help.

  • jennie

    Come on guys u seriously need to play “Young Vibes Don’t Run Away from Me”, by The Sleeping! This is got to be one of the best new songs out there! Such an awesome song for it not to get airplay! Listen to it…….and play it on air! Long Island rules!!!!

  • Sung

    Here are some more new music suggestions:
    Deftones – “You’ve Seen the Butcher”
    Finger Eleven – “Living In a Dream”
    Avenged Sevenfold – “Welcome to the Family”
    Sick Puppies – “Maybe”

  • Licentious Maximus

    Some good songs….is anyone disturbed by the fact that a lot of them are featured in commercials? We’ve been reduced to listening to commercial jingles on the radio even when there’s no commercial playing. I’m going out to buy some Cheetos.

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