Saturday’s Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

kiss Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

Epicenter was a fest to end all fests and I was there to experience it all. From people offering free hugs, girls putting on fake tramp stamps to the awesomeness that is [lastfm]Eminem[/lastfm], [lastfm]Kiss[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Bush[/lastfm]. Even though I almost suffered a heat stroke it was sure as hell it was worth it.  So within this story I will guide you through my trials and tribulations at Epicenter Twenty Ten, day 1.

Well, one thing I was very happy about is that parking was free which means more money for margaritas. The second thing I was happy to see is a guy selling $1 jello shots out of the back of his car. Although, I’m sure they were perfectly fine I just can’t trust anything edible that is being sold out of the back of the car.

When my boyfriend and I first walked into the venue I thought that the show was going to be inside the actual speedway. I didn’t know it was going to be hosted in the parking lot. But I bet the vendors there made a killing this weekend, just not on booze, but the people selling the those mister sprayers. Like Nicole Alvarez so eloquently said, “It’s hotter than the devil’s balls.” But, you soon forget about the sweltering heat when your focus is on [lastfm]House of Pain[/lastfm] per say, or [lastfm]Papa Roach[/lastfm].

bud light Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

When walking around in the 100-some-degree heat everyone is searching for those little areas of shade. People even crowded around public restrooms and huddled under tents to catch a break from the intense sun rays.

ef5 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

Or they hopped in the make-shift pool a vendor brought.

ef6 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

But after the first delicious beer went down the hatch we decided to catch some tunes.  Among the first acts we saw included [lastfm]Crash Kings[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Smile Empty Soul[/lastfm] who rocked it on stage. Managing the phones here at KROQ I know Crash Kings get love from their fans on Local’s Only with their single ‘You Got Me’.  Admittedly, I haven’t really listened to [lastfm]The Envy[/lastfm] or [lastfm]Deuce[/lastfm], but I really liked them and they actually sparked an interest in me. That’s what I think festivals are all about, coming to see the acts you love and discovering new music you’re not familiar with.

I thought the KROQ lounge area was a life saver. First, they had comfy couches that I could almost take a nap on. Second, they had shade and grass (not the marijuana kind). Plus, every so often they were giving away cool prizes, tickets and listeners could even talk to their favorite KROQ joqs.

ef8 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

One of my favorite things about music festivals is the diverse amount of people it brings. Especially since Epicenter featured such an array of performers, from Kiss to Suicidal Tendencies. There was one person who was carrying around a poster that said “Free Hugs,” although every time I saw him he was totally hug-less. Probably because everyone was so sweaty no one wanted to sweat-swap.

ef9 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

Then I saw the occasional Kiss fans with the whole get-up from the go-go boots, to the black and white makeup. There was also a fan of our radio station who shaved “KROQ” on the side of his head.

ef13 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

Another cool part of Epicenter took place under the Jagermeister tent where they would have some of the performers sign posters for their fans. Pictured below is a snapshot I took of [lastfm]Smile Empty Soul[/lastfm].

ef11 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

When it came down to Saturday’s performances, I was anxious to see Eminem, Kiss, [lastfm]Papa Roach[/lastfm], [lastfm]House of Pain[/lastfm], [lastfm]Big Boi[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Bush[/lastfm]. The entire 10-hour day was just constant picture-taking. I thought my camera would died before I could get any videos or pictures of Kiss.

eminem epicenter 2010 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

Speaking of Eminem, he literally gave me chills. He is such a great performer and is absolutely amazing live. Then, to add to the greatness, [lastfm]D12[/lastfm] joined him on-stage to mark his return to the West Coast. To fans, he was dearly missed and it showed as they roared and chanted his name. He shot back at them, “I’m back man. You miss me? I missed ya’ll.” On stage he delivered an array of songs from ‘3 a.m.’ to ‘Love The Way You Lie’.

When Kiss hit the stage, they had enough pyrotechnics to make you believe it was 4th of July all over again. This was my first time seeing Kiss live and they had the whole sha-bang with the crazy outfits, hair and makeup. I have to say my favorite song they performed was ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ because that was essentially what everyone was doing.

kiss drummer Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

All in all, the people of Epicenter put together a memorable event, one that I will continue to talk about until next years Epicenter. If you weren’t able to attend I hope this gave you a little glimpse into this years (Epic) center. Like KROQ listener Jeet from Fontana said, “It was hot and my feet hurt but it was so sick!” Well said Jeet, well said.

sam 0738 Saturdays Epicenter Festivities: Beer, Babes And Hugs

My boyfriend and I laying down listening to [lastfm]Bush[/lastfm] playing in the background.

Eminem with D12

Guy Rapping Along With Eminem

Papa Roach


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