KROQ Epicenter Twenty-Ten: Kinda Major

rauchkindamajor0031 KROQ Epicenter Twenty Ten:  Kinda Major

Photo by Alex Rauch

[lastfm]Kinda Major[/lastfm]? Almost. This rap/rock duo is on the verge on some kinda majorness with their catchy beats and rhymes overdubbed with heavy guitar hooks and taboo lyrics.  They came out with something to prove as one of the “unknowns” on the bill exploding on stage with a burst of energy ready to “act like some f*ckin’ monsters!” and make the crowd even hotter standing in the sweltering heat.

As soon as [lastfm]Kinda Major[/lastfm] took the stage, curious passersby perked up their ears and wandered over to the Monster Stage to check out the new rap/rock fusion sound from Emcee Gadjet and singer/guitarist SteVille play some tracks off their newly released EP.

Opening with an upbeat tune with the lyrics perfectly setting the tone of the day singing, “Just looking for a good time/swallowed up by the sunshine” that pretty much sums up how every attendee felt enduring the blistering sun all just to hear some good music, drink a few beers and get hosed down by the bottles of water sprinkled down from the top rafters of the stage.

The younger crowd was drawn to this energetic band for their crazy stage presence and racy lyrics that made jaws drop and shocked glances over to friends that screamed, “did he really just say that?!” The highlight of their set — other than the Gadjet making it rain with Monster stickers and hopping up on the barriers giving me a front row seat to a face-full of crotch — was the surprise musical guest, guitarist [lastfm]Paul Phillips[/lastfm] from [lastfm]Puddle of Mudd[/lastfm] joining them onstage for their closer.

They closed their short but sweet set with their hit single “Hair Down” that got the crowd moving despite the sticky heat and ended their set on a high note, especially when one of the band members through a water bottle in the crowd that fell short and hit the beefy security guard in the back of the head. Totally major.


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