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Video: My Chemical Romance In Studio With Kat Corbett

mcrkat092310 Video: My Chemical Romance In Studio With Kat Corbett

Guitarist Ray Toro and brothers Gerard and Mikey Way of [lastfm]My Chemical Romance[/lastfm] stopped by Studio K today to catch up with Kat and world premiere their new song “Na Na Na” to the KROQ audience. People were tuning in from all over the U.S. to hear the debut of the first single off their upcoming album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, due out November 22nd.

Since the on-air interview was cut short, we promised you the full version here on…and that’s exactly what we have for you.


Check out this promo trailer that the band created to help fans get a sense for the new album. Although it was created just to be a promo, the overwhelming positive response has the band thinking about making more videos to accompany it.

[photogallerylink id=65517]

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  • Mari

    Ha! I love My Chem’s interviews. XD They’re so silly, and I love their expressions, especialy Gerard’s reach for the sky and Mikey’s shocked look at Ray’s remark about the dead hookers.

  • Lindsay

    Love it! I’m digging everything about My Chem’s new album. I’m hoping I can catch them sometime in Cali soon!

  • newzealandbakerdreamer

    ahh, its so nice to see the boys in a new interview im missin frank and i have been missing bob and will continue to miss him but its just great to see Gerard Mikey and Ray again im so excited for their new album i cant wait!! :)

  • Tawni

    Awesome stuff. I can’t wait for them to start touring. I have a feeling this is going to be epic.

  • Pandora Killjoy

    I love it i love the song to My chemical romance is the best band in the world!!!! is new albun gonna be relly great no more than that is gonna be epic!!!

  • Bella

    can so tell the was (insert bleep here) From (insert another bleep here) but it was awesome to know that (insert another bleep here) was in it too!
    these gents are wonderful.

  • TrustingMeh

    FINALLY! after 4 years, another fresh album of MCR. The music sounds real and fun. Can’t wait ^^

    p.s they look old XC reminds me how long they’ve been marching (no pun intended) on

  • Ana

    MIKEY WAAAAAY! *squee*
    Ghm, anyway, I loved the interview. The song is amazing. I want the album. Like, right now.

  • molly

    i’m glad they let us know about the drummer situation…


  • Jade

    No words can describe how amazing this album is going to be. I can’t even describe my feelings right now! I’m just ecstatic. Bring it on! My Chemical Romance are back and stronger than ever!

  • xKilljoyFuryx

    Hellz ya =]
    Everyone, call this one in on the request hours. We need to blow this sh*t up!!!

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  • D-emo

    I LOVE MCR can’t wait for the new album!!!!

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  • Valentina

    aw man im so glad they’re back :) the premiere of their song was best birthday gift i could’ve ever gotten (lol.. cheesy!) but its true. and i love their interviews, they always make me smile. plus they all seem like such genuine awesome guys that its impossible for me to not love them. lots 1of love to the MyChem boys! hope you guys come to Chile soon

  • Kyleigh

    I.Love.These.Guys. I will never be able to meet them, but I adore their music and have for the last 5 years. These guys are amazing

    • ain

      we are in the same boat! its been 5 years! auwh… :)

    • Ziggy

      No way! It’s been 5 years for me too! :D

      • ericliveson

        it’s been 9 years for me, O-G my chem fan right here

  • Izah R.

    Enfim MCR voltou!!! Amei NaNaNa, muiiito legalll
    I love My Chemical Romance’s intreviews!! their is the best!!!

  • Izah R.

    Enfim MCR voltou!!! Amei NaNaNa, muiiito legalll
    I love My Chemical Romance’s intreviews!! they are the best!!!

  • belen


  • Kate

    hahaha Tank Girl, it’s epic I was thinking the same thing when I saw the preview. I love it how he’s like “Thank you!” to her reply about that how Tank Girl should of been (which it should of). It’s really cool to see them in such a relaxed environment, Kat’s really good; I felt comfertable watching it haha. Great song, I can’t help but dance and rock out. It was really cool to see Kat so excited, like christmas haha

  • Shelly

    awww you forgot to introduce Ray :*(
    other than that great interview!
    cant wait for the album and US tour!!!!!!!!

  • Angelica

    God, these guys… i love them <3

  • alicia cools motha fukas

    she didnt even mention that Ray was there…hahahaha.

    SO EXCITED!!!!

  • niikiiss

    love mcr interview!
    I wish that were translated into Spanish
    but only to hear the voices of ghii, mikey and ray
    makes me happy! :)

    So good … kisses x)

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  • JemmaCatherine

    i really regret that i only got into mcr this year, cos i love all three of their albums and i cant wait for the fourth and can beleiv i got tickets to see them, but it woulda been nice to be more involver with the older stuff, im just glad i found them cos they really do save lives, this new records gonna be so epic. and ohmygod MIKEY WAY *squeels* XD

  • SJ

    I got the chance to meet Gerard way and all i could say was HELLO i couldnt talk i couldnt say how much i loved his music….i just stood there he was so awsome though! dammit i hope i get another chance to shake his hand.

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  • Brit-El

    Ok, they’re saying something about the song being free, where can I find that?

  • Jen

    she said Gerard Ray and Mikey, not Way….but that’s what I had thought too :P

  • Anni

    mikey looks so old!!!! i wnt his glasses back

  • Tess

    A little disappointed that Frankie wasn’t there but I guess he has his hand full with the twins.

    Dang, I’m so excited for this album and listening to the first single and watching this interview made me all tingly, butterflies for sure. And I’m real curious on who the new drummer is going to be.

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