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Pennywise Members Assault Alesana & Thrash Tour Bus


Last night, members of the band [lastfm]Alesana[/lastfm] claimed to have returned to their bus after hanging out with some friends at the Denver stop of Warped Tour where they were attacked by “two very drunk members of [lastfm]Pennywise[/lastfm].” They also state that their tour bus was trashed in the ordeal.

Nobody was hurt, but Denver PD is now involved in the matter and had to restrain the two unnamed members of Pennywise.

A statement from Shawn Milke, frontman of Alesana, to AP Magazine said this:

“Just to clear the air of any rumors, last night upon returning to our bus after a night out with friends, both our band and our tour manager were attacked blindly by by two very drunk members of Pennywise. Alesana is a non-violent band and always has been.  We do not encourage or willingly participate in any violent activities.  The two guys entered our bus and, without any instigating on our part, began punching us and trashing our bus.  We are eternally sorry that this event took place and had it not been for the Denver police showing up and restraining our assailants, the night could have been tragic.  Luckily, no one in our camp was injured.”

We’ll keep you updated as we get new info.

-Info courtesy of AP

  • Tim

    The problem is, while drunk the Pennywise guys thought the other band’s name was “Authority,” not “Alesana.” And you know how Pennywise feels about Authority.

  • alex

    ALESANA, you guys are a bunch of pussies, if someone is punching you regardless of who they are , you fight back . You deserved to get beat up .

  • KKC0


  • mike f

    alesana sounds like a bunch of pussies. kick some ass pennywise.

  • Vinnie

    Remember what Felcher did to the Loveline studio, Adam and Dr. Drew? This type of thoughtless, inebriated stupidity it not new to Pantywaste (as Jed the Fish has called them). There is no reason this band should have ever been played on KROQ ever since the Loveline incident. When politicians disgrace themselves, they fade into obscurity. I hope that this happens to this repeatedly self-embarrassing “band”.

  • nicklovin

    Whooo! GO PENNYWISE! I’m glad they threw down. Not sure what it was Alesena did, but I doubt it was unprovoked.

  • Wes

    Pennywise, I hope you die

  • Ruben

    I’ve never heard alesana but pennywise is an awful band. All their songs sound the same. Listen to Hot Water Music.

  • Peter

    hahahahahaahaha – Pantywaste
    Jed, U’r awesome
    oh yeah, I don’t like them either

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  • Dario

    hahaha well done Pennywise! let’s all go out and kick ghey kids!

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