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The Furious Five @9 Returns To KROQ!

cameron The Furious Five @9 Returns To KROQ!

That’s right you late night listeners!  We’ve decided to bring back the Furious Five @9 with Nicole Alvarez, where you can call in and request your favorite new KROQ song and see if it makes our top 5 requests.

Reunited and it feeeeels so good.

Click more to get a list on our newest songs and how to request your song!

Wanna get new [lastfm]Mumford & Sons[/lastfm] to the top?  Or keep [lastfm]The Dirty Heads[/lastfm] wave rollin’ with their new single “Stand Tall?”  Hit us up at 1-800-520-1067 to put in your request.  I’ve already received a request for [lastfm]LCD Soundystem [/lastfm]”Drunk Girls” and TWO for the latest from [lastfm]Avenged Sevenfold [/lastfm]”Nightmare” writing this post.

We’re waiting for you…

New KROQ Music:

[lastfm]30 Seconds to Mars [/lastfm]- “This is War”

[lastfm]A Day To Remember [/lastfm]- “Have Faith in Me”

[lastfm]A Silent Film [/lastfm]- “You Will Leave A Mark

[lastfm]Against Me![/lastfm] – “I Was A Teenage Anarchist”

[lastfm]Anberlin[/lastfm] – “Impossible”

[lastfm]Avenged Sevenfold [/lastfm]- “Nightmare”

[lastfm]Bad Religion [/lastfm]- “The Devil in Stiches”

[lastfm]Brandon Flowers [/lastfm]- “Crossfire”

[lastfm]Broken Bells [/lastfm]- “The High Road”

[lastfm]Bush[/lastfm] – “Afterlife”

[lastfm]Cage the Elephant [/lastfm]- “In One Ear”

[lastfm]Deftones[/lastfm] – “Diamond Eyes”

[lastfm]The Dirty Heads [/lastfm]- “Lay Me Down”

[lastfm]The Dirty Heads [/lastfm]- “Stand Tall”

[lastfm]K’Naan[/lastfm] – “Wavin’ Flag”

[lastfm]LCD Soundystem [/lastfm]- “Drunk Girls”

[lastfm]Mumford and Sons [/lastfm]- “Little Lion Man”

[lastfm]Muse [/lastfm]- “Undisclosed Desires”

[lastfm]Stone Temple Pilots [/lastfm]- “Take A Load”

[lastfm]The Temper Trap [/lastfm]- “Sweet Disposition”

And, you can always check out our New KROQ Music section.

  • Juan from Ventura County

    pretty soon starting next week (8/2 to be exact): Linkin Park, “The Catalyst”

  • Tiffany

    so glad the furious five is back.

  • Lightning | Writer, Video, On-Air

    Yup, you’re right. Just fixed it. Thanks!

  • Bo

    Yay return of the Furious Five!! I didn’t even know there was new Bad Religion out! Bring that to the top!

  • concertconfessions

    I plan to call and votefor Underdog by Kasabian. I mean, I realize that KROQ won’t play the UK’s biggest band, but I can dream right?

  • joberooni


  • rigo

    i just called and it said the number was disconnected…why would this be? i listen to the station from hawaii, so i can can have a remembrance of home while im serving..

  • lily

    i tried calling from outside the area and i too got that it was disconnected.

  • tricia

    I wonder if they’ll ever play feist on the furious 5 again….. pondering that statement.

  • amy



    Captain Backfire: Love Undertaker!!! Play it Kat Corbett :)

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