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Lick Lisa? Not Today!

lisa hung 385 2401 Lick Lisa? Not Today! 

Like most girls, I normally liked to be licked. Not this morning. 

This morning’s Lick Lisa was “no way, no how will there be any licking today.” Because the potential licker was Intern Hung. Seriously, ladies, would you let this guy get his tongue anywhere near you? 

Click more to see the first tongue not to lick me. 

img 5003 Lick Lisa? Not Today!

Intern Hung

  • Max Power

    Didn’t Intern Blinky get to lick you? He was way worse! Ray Romono soundin’ muthaf—–!

  • Scotty

    Good job Lisa! You dodged a bullet today. I always remember the most insightful quote from one of the most classic of movies… “The life you save may be your own.” -Point Break. Have a great day Lisa! You’re pretty damn hot… ;)

  • shelly

    awww, poor Hung.

  • vesper

    hung is amazing. lisa’s loss.

  • Al

    Lisa will need to do jumping jacks to pay for the lack of licking

  • Jason

    I licked you in my head.

  • Allan

    Lisa needs shut up and take the licks! There’s not much else she’s good for… “Traffic Reporter”… pffft!

    • doorofhorn

      That dude’s tongue looks weird in that pic.

      At any rate, am I the only person who gets that game’s theme song stuck in their head? I’ll be working and saying “Lick Lisa, lick lick Lisa” to myself for hours.

      • brandon

        dude that happens to me EVERY TIME!

  • milo

    It’s not fluff covered or green so what’s the problem?
    And yeah you let Blinky have a go, so come on! No pinoy love? Boo Lisa!

  • C2T

    Let the Hung get his wish, Lisa. ‘sides, he’s KROQ family.

    *licks Lisa’s face*

  • ed

    Lisa don’t play the Hollywood part and hate on the asians, let Hung get a LICK at that ass!

  • Leo

    hey lisa would u let me lick you?

  • 2b or not 2b

    the dudes tongue looks like Meagan Fox’s thumbs, ew !

  • forreal

    I am not surprised. Judging from her past comments and views, she does not like the minorities. Her loss, Lisa “old maid” May

  • Stinch in Visalia

    I agree with Lisa, that tongue looks like a little uncircumcised Asian penis. blaaaaaah

  • Marcus

    What are you thinking Lisa? With a name like “Hung” it couldnt be that bad.

  • alan wittig

    no way in hell this gu should be licking anything….his tongue looks like the one from the Aliens movie… the second one that pops out of the Aliens mouth…

  • George

    I’ll gladly take his place, emm emm!

  • Ale

    your facial expression says it all…LMAO!!!!

  • Bren-DUH!

    Ahahaha. I concur with you Lisa.

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