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Rodney on the Roq 3/29/10

metric1 Rodney on the Roq 3/29/10

Rodney on the ROQ Playlist March 29, 2010

[lastfm]Metric[/lastfm]- Gold, Guns, Girls

[lastfm]Ted Leo and The Pharmacists[/lastfm]- The Mighty Sparrow

[lastfm]Nushu[/lastfm]- Leave Me Behind

[lastfm]Joan Jett[/lastfm]- Don’t Abuse Me

[lastfm]The Hussy’s[/lastfm]- T-Rex Records

[lastfm]Florence & the Machine[/lastfm]- You’ve Got the Love

[lastfm]Florence & the Machine[/lastfm]- Dog Days are Over

[lastfm]Paolo Nutini[/lastfm]- Pencil Full of Lead

[lastfm]Pixie Lott[/lastfm]- Cry Me Out

[lastfm]Dakota Fanning[/lastfm]- California Paradise

[lastfm]The Moog[/lastfm]- You were Raised by a Vampire

[lastfm]The Peppermint Apes[/lastfm]- Dancefloor Hero

[lastfm]Moon Trent[/lastfm]- Old School Dance

[lastfm]Buck Brothers[/lastfm]- Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes

[lastfm]Muse[/lastfm]- House of the Rising Sun

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- Hollywood

[lastfm]The New Pornographers[/lastfm]- Crash Years

[lastfm]The Hussy’s[/lastfm]- 1980’s

[lastfm]The Woolly Bandits[/lastfm]- Midnight Movies

[lastfm]Radagun[/lastfm]- Lie to Me

[lastfm]Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning[/lastfm]- Dead End Justice

[lastfm]Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social[/lastfm]- Burning the Bowery

[lastfm]The Len Price 3[/lastfm]- After You’re Gone

[lastfm]Ringo Starr feat. Paul McCartney[/lastfm]- Walk with You

[lastfm]The Hot Rats[/lastfm]- Big Sky

[lastfm]The Pond Hawks[/lastfm]- Cliff Note

[lastfm]Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart[/lastfm]- Queens of Noise

[lastfm]The Hussy’s[/lastfm]- Roller Disco

[lastfm]Dum Dum Girls[/lastfm]- Jail La La

[lastfm]The Dark Shadows[/lastfm]- Sleeping with a Vampire

[lastfm]Goldfrapp[/lastfm]- Alive

[lastfm]The Hot Rats[/lastfm]- The Crystal Ship

[lastfm]Liars[/lastfm]- Overachievers

[lastfm]Hurricane Bells[/lastfm]- This is a Test

[lastfm]Dakota Fanning[/lastfm]- Cherry Bomb

[lastfm]The Woolly Bandits[/lastfm]- Women of Mass Destruction

[lastfm]Nushu[/lastfm]- Leave Me Behind

  • Moon Trent

    YIKES! Again!!! Thank you so much!

  • Michael Commander

    Wish I could still listen to Rodney via the web in the UK. CBS radio says thats no longer possible!!!!

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