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Amusing Duck: LAY EGG IS TRUE!

duck1 Amusing Duck: LAY EGG IS TRUE!

So, all the phone-ops were laughing hysterically today… I took a look at the website they were transfixed on and lo and behold, I have to get my hands on one of these!

I can’t decide which is better: the bump’n go action of Amusing Duck, or the awesome engrish on every side of the box.

For “toys series with strong sense for playing,” click MORE.

Action! Music! Light! As the duck advancing, flicking the plumage and yawning the mouth go with the music & light!

leist Amusing Duck: LAY EGG IS TRUE!

The duck stop, it swaying tail then the duck lay an egg as open it’s buttocks, go with the duck’s call!

amusingduck Amusing Duck: LAY EGG IS TRUE!

I need this in my Easter basket.

You have to see the official website to believe it. Go here now. Gaggle!! Gaggle!!

  • Dane

    Hahahah this thing is awesome.

  • TheNoun

    I have a feeling that a lot of people will enjoy the fact the duck opens it’s buttocks.

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