What Is Proper Concert Etiquette?


I was at a concert a few days ago and was shocked when the gentleman in front of me asked me to pipe down after the opening band finished performing. At that instant several thoughts ran through my head. First of all, Who the hell are you? Second, there is nothing going on right now, what are you missing, house music? And third, YOU’RE AT A CONCERT!

The experience got me thinking, am I out of line for being enraged? Is there a proper etiquette to attending a concert? Apparently the people over at Spinner magazine had the same thoughts.

To see how my evening concluded, and Spinner’s list of concert etiquette, click more.

As the night continued, the couple in front of me got progressively worse. They sat during the entire concert, gave the people around them dirty looks for singing and enjoying themselves, and at one point the chick even put make-up on. It took everything I had not to slap her. I eventually moved seats and the couple left in the middle of the concert.  I had an amazing night, and loved every minute of the evening, which is more than I can say for tweedledee and tweedledum.

Spinner’s concert etiquette list is pretty complete, but I have a few concert rules of my own.

5. Don’t wear the band’s tee-shirt at their concert. We get you are a fan, you are at the concert!

4. Don’t blast the band’s music in the parking lot outside the venue. You are about to hear the real thing, live, in person!

3. Don’t hate others for enjoying themselves. It’s a concert, the whole idea behind seeing a band live is to take a few hours out of your busy, crazy lives and get a form of release. If you are not enjoying yourself, leave.

dave texts at concert What Is Proper Concert Etiquette?

2. Don’t watch the show through your phone or camera. It’s OK to take a few pictures here and there, and maybe even record your favorite song, but you miss the experience of the performance if you are watching it through a small screen. Save your money and watch the performance on YouTube if you’re not going to enjoy it. Plus, it’s really annoying for the people behind you.

and finally…


#1. Stand Up!! You are at a concert, enjoy it! (I can’t stand when people sit through a live performance)


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