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Little Girls Love Kareem Abdul Jabaar

sam and i Little Girls Love Kareem Abdul Jabaar

My niece Samantha turned 10 years old yesterday and I have an obligation to brainwash her into liking both the Lakers and handsome black men.  A lot of times the two are one in the same.

I gave her this cake with the image of Kareem Abdul Jabbar on it.   Click more to see this mastery of baked goodness. 

sams cake Little Girls Love Kareem Abdul Jabaar

It was at the peak of his hotness and I think she probably already has a warm place in her heart for the purple, gold and chocolate!

  • sicckmind

    What the hell is wrong with you Psycho Mike ? This is vile and outrageous. I cannot believe that what some people put their youngest family members through. This will be an image in her brain that she wont be able to erase. There are only 3 candles on that thing she is 10 you a-hole. How dare you.

  • joey e

    go lakers! good work

  • chris

    yeah!!! How dare you

  • Tristen

    You should have put my picture on the cake…it would have tasted sweeter!

  • jonathan

    happy birthday would be my 3rd cousin, i believe.

    Mike, i have some interesting pictures to show you. your mom and my mom are first cousins and she was showing me pictures they took some years ago. im a big fan of the show.

    your cousin, jonathan

  • jonathan


  • Carlos

    Go Lakers, back2back.

  • brent

    very cute and appropos i think

    happy birthday psycho niece


  • Viol8tor

    Your doing a great job Mike, GO LAKERS!

  • Alice


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