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Slayer Fans Go Metal On The Request Lines


During the 9 o’clock Free For All we get a ton of requests ranging everything from [lastfm]The Smiths[/lastfm] to [lastfm]Cypress Hill[/lastfm] to everything in between. [lastfm]Slayer[/lastfm] happens to be one of those bands squished in the middle.

Every week without fail, there is one loyal Slayer fan that calls us up requesting “Raining Blood” by the one only, Slayer! In addition to his request, he claims he is the #1 Slayer fan and shouts out SLAYER right into my ear, practically making me deaf for the rest of the night.

Sadly, I’m not that convinced that you’re the #1 slayer fan after watching Kevin and Psycho’s Mike’s video, Heavy Metal Parking Lot: Slayer.

It’s like watching a car crash with fatalities. You can’t take your eyes off it. Click more to watch.

Still want more? Check out Slayer Vs. Sesame Street!

Give us your request for the 9 o’clock Free For All right here!

Aaron / Phone-Op

  • Amanda Hugenkiss

    How about you play some Slayer you fuckin Bitch! Fuck Them Crooked Vagina’s and play something different.

  • doorofhorn

    I love these people. Every single one of them is pure win.

  • Vinnie

    yeah, uhm, KROQ’s not a metal station. You want metal? -then go to

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