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Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz To Headline Impressive 2010 Coachella Festival Line Up

KROQ is proud to announce details for the 2010 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. This will undoubtedly be the largest, most important music festival in the Western Hemisphere this spring.

(Click poster for larger image)

coachella 600x800 v2 Jay Z, Muse and Gorillaz To Headline Impressive 2010 Coachella Festival Line Up

Tickets for COACHELLA on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations and Three-day weekend passes are $269.00, plus surcharges.  More details on layaway, camping options and up-to-the minute information, can be found at

Be caller 20 to 800-520-1067 when we tell you to call and you will score a pair of tickets to the day of your choice.

**NEW FOR 2010 Work Exchange Team) members work in fun and exciting departments such as art, site operations, sponsorship, hospitality, camping and much much more.  You’ll receive a full festival pass for the entire weekend, get to experience the event from a new fascinating angle and meet people from all around the world who share your love for live music. CLICK HERE

If you’ve camped with us at Coachella before, you’re probably used to parking and lugging your gear. Now you can park your car right next to your tent. This year we are selling vehicle spots (not per person) and cars will be allowed to park within the 10×30 spot. You can fit as many people you want per spot purchased, just make sure everyone has a festival ticket. RV spots available too. Get all the onsite camping details: CLICK HERE

You really won’t have any reason to leave the entire weekend. The farmers market will offer fresh fruit and produce every morning, all grown by local farmers throughout the Coachella Valley. The Farmers Market will be located near the main general store, which will be stocked with tons of essentials.

For the first time all festival attendees will be able to go in & out of the concert venue during the show for the entire weekend!

Exchange a little work for your festival ticket. WET (


Returning this year are the onsite camping traveler’s packages that include an onsite camping spot + gear (coleman tent, sleeping bags, pillows Etc.) waiting for you to pick up upon arrival. Find out more: CLICK HERE

Also returning this year are the luxury Safari Tent Accomodations. These lavish onsite tents are the most coveted for the air conditioning and all access passes included in the 2 person package. Get the details: CLICK HERE


Hotel, Shuttle & Home rentals packages are available too. Valley Music Travel is setting up exclusive travel packages, local hotel shuttle transportation and private home rentals with VIP COACHELLA access. Get the details: CLICK HERE

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[photogallerylink id=3391]

[photogallerylink id=3335]

KROQ’s Kevin takes on a very funny behind-the-scenes tour of Coachella.

Watch the entire 2009 Coachella Festival in 4 minutes!

  • nicole

    I hear they made single day passes now? I dont think its justa rumorbecause no one would buy the tickets if you had to pay for all three days

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  • Johnny Rotten

    Dude im surprised no one is saying anything about THE SPECIALS come on man the fathers of 2 tone ska geez and then PIL is playing too sick you posers only know about faith no more and such but the line ups are quiet alright but fuck the 3 day pass bs i wanna see the specials come on!!!!

    • chad

      specials and johny rotten well worth it, just save a little . last year I bought all three days on craigslist last min. for like 125, check criagslist in surronding areas. peoples plans change last min.

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  • sk8rturtle07

    yeah i cant believe u have to buy the 3day pass, greedy promoters, people dont have that kind of money right now.and is it worth it for alot of band u havent even heard of, which u cant even see all of them because alot of bands play at the same time.Me personally, just want to go saturday for Faith No More, Divo, and Les Claypool.I sure pray Coachella goes back to one day tickets.Is there anyway to contact someone at Coachella about this,why wasnt the public allowed to vote on this or something?I agree somewhat this years Coachella has a weak lineup.I live in the Coachella valley and was excited about going this year but now, im not sure about going now if only 3day passes r going.I mean i can afford it, but im just interested in Saturday because of Faith No More, and paying almost $300 to see just them is alot of money.Do the right thing Coachella and bring back the single day tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • cutartist

    I think all the headliners have been taken by the Woodstock organizers 1 million people massive concert in Toronto.

    The IMAGINE Music and Art Festival in Toronto, with an anticipated 1,000,000 attendees and worldwide broadcast to 300 million.

    I heard tickets were a ridiculously low $70 bucks for 2 days or something like that.

    Check it out…it’s huge!!!!

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    […] This is the Gorillaz 3rd studio album and in listening to the free album stream, it doesn’t disappoint! Damon Albarn (or Murdoc Nichols) and his band of animated “monkeys” welcome guest musicians Mos Def, Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg, The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, Bobby Womack and more. The best thing to come of this album so far though is the video for “Stylo”. It features none other than Bruce Willis and a crazy ass car chase.var videoCanvas = new WNVideoWidget("WNVideoCanvas", "wnVideo_4592555");videoCanvas.SetWidth(385);videoCanvas.SetHeight(288);videoCanvas.SetVariable("clipId", "4592555");videoCanvas.SetReportingKeywords("kroqfm");videoCanvas.SetAdvertisingZone("kroqfm/worldnowplayer");videoCanvas.SetVariable("offFaceColor", "afaeae");videoCanvas.SetVariable("overFaceColor", "ffffff");videoCanvas.SetVariable("backgroundColors", "212121,676767,676767,212121");videoCanvas.SetVariable("backgroundAlphas", "0,0,0,0");videoCanvas.SetVariable("backgroundRatios", "0,25,130,255");videoCanvas.SetVariable("backgroundRotation", "270");videoCanvas.SetVariable("borderColor", "212121");videoCanvas.SetVariable("borderWidth", "1");videoCanvas.SetVariable("borderAlpha", "100");videoCanvas.SetVariable("sidePadding", "3");videoCanvas.SetVariable("topPadding", "3");videoCanvas.SetVariable("controlsHeight", 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[…]

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