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Top 20 KROQ Songs of 2006

top20of2006 Top 20 KROQ Songs of 2006
1.  Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California
2.  My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade
3.  Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
4.  AFI – Miss Murder
5.  The Killers – When You Were Young
6.  Thirty Seconds To Mars – The Kill
7.  Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
8.  Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tell Me Baby
9.  Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies
10.  The Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes
11.  Incubus – Anna Molly
12.  The Strokes – Juicebox
13.  System Of A Down – Hypnotize
14.  Muse – Knights Of Cydonia
15.  Weezer – Perfect Situation
16.  AFI – Love Like Winter
17.  Tool – Vicarious
18.  She Wants Revenge – Tears You Apart
19.  System Of A Down – Lonely Day
20.  Wolfmother – Woman

  • og kush

    one of the decades best years for rockkk,,,

    tears you apart should be wayyy higher.. snowpatrol and 30sectomars are wackkk

  • Neko

    THE KILL >:-) good!

  • Andrea

    hell yeah!! Knights of Cydonia!!!!

  • zer0

    These are all great songs!!

  • alice

    One of the better years of this decade’s music. Bravo, ’06!

  • mafe

    the kill!!!!!!!!

  • smokeyanthony


  • Matt

    Take the Chili Peppers off that list and it’s one of the better years of not only the decade, but possibly in a generation!

  • Gabriel

    Woah, crazy good year. Knights of Cydonia at #16, wow.

  • bettie88

    RHCP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! 2006 WAS TOTALY AWSOME!!!!!!

  • KP

    The Black Parade is by far the worst MCR albums, the first two are just amazing. Don’t rate it, but glad to see Muse, Snow Patrol, Panic! and 30STM!!! :)

  • Manny

    PATHETIC!! wheres AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!! System Of A Down & Wolfmother were the best Artist on this FUCKING LIST!! and My Chemical Romance

  • ATownAndrew

    #18 was an awesome song!

  • ffm20

    the red hot chili peppers and especially dani california are rather overrated,, there are bands which are by far better than the peppers

    i was rather disappointed that the scissor sisters had been completely ignored by us media

    as they had been rather successful in whole europe with I DONT FEEL LIKE DANCING

    this song had great potential to become a crossover hit but unfortunately it was completely ignored by radio stations

    i miss the 80s the time in which even bands like ub40.- seal and many more which werent rock bands were supposed by kroq

  • RC

    2006 was a boring year for me when it came to listening to kroq
    all i remember is listening to the same songs everyday

  • jonhny

    no angels and airwaves. i thought they would make it witht their song “The Adventure” guess not =(

  • ryan santoyo

    theres is no band better then red hot chili peppers
    2.nirvana fighters

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