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“The sixtyone democratizes music culture: artists submit their work, but rather than allowing a stuffy suit to decide what’s cool, the listeners do”

That is a brief and to the point explanation of this amazing website for music lovers. More than just a website, it is a tool, a vehicle for musical lovers with an opinion of their own and a need to voice it.

  • SocialSoundSystem

    Hell yeah! Love the new site redesign and LOVE that you have TheSixtyOne up here:

  • Sam Scarce

    The Sixty One is dope. I have heard a lot of cool new music, and also glad to see a lot of independent artists getting the credit and morale boost they need to keep on doing what they love. Plus its addicting trying to keep up with the game.

  • Andrew

    It’s always cool finding artists I already love on the site (like President of the United States of America, Flight of the Conchords, and Jonathan Coulton), but it’s even more cool finding artists I would never have gotten to hear otherwise (like Out of the Blue and On the Rocks, a couple of great a cappella college groups; I Fight Dragons; Amy Kuney, and Obadiah Parker).

  • Jared

    Been using and love it. It has fun gameplay elements, and music that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Worth noting that this is the only place I actually buy music from.

  • Tony

    I don’t remember how I learned about T61. But, I visit it every single day I log onto the Internet. It is the soundtrack to my web surfing. I have discovered so many artists thanks to its technology and the super social network which has prospered because of it. It’s definitely worth a listen and will earn a spot in your bookmarks toolbar, trust me! On T61, I am: TMcMullin in case you want to listen to my radio station there.

  • WNW3

    I’ve been using it for years. It’s were I find all the new music I listen to.

  • Onur

    i just discovered t61 a couple of months ago. now i realized that the site is playing in a rondom mode, every single moment of my internet usage. it is fun to ” accomplish ” daily quests. ( i have to admire main quests are hard to do ) also it is not just listening it but if you interested in instruments, you get some kind of “inspiration” .

  • Kevin is on my internet speed dial.Next to facebook, googlemaps, and youtube. It is that worthy.

  • zirconet

    I love T61

  • Geronimodeleon

    A friend and sometime collabortator turned me on to the
    Since listening I’ve discovered so many worthy, interesting artists, on the site that I have to make a deliberate choice to listen elsewhere.

  • Geronimodeleon

    Since learning of the site from a friend and sometime collaborator, I’ve discovered so many worthy artists, and worthwhile music, that I have to make a deliberate choice to listen elsewhere.

  • Ortiz

    Why do people lie?

    • Geronimodeleon

      My comments of December 20, 2009 were made prior to t61’s change to its new, glossier, less functional site.
      I don’t regard the site favorably any longer.
      The new glossier version is diminished in communications features, is “buggy” and slow and tedious to navigate.
      That the loyal artist/listener base was treated with such disregard leaves me with little enthusiasm for the site.
      If an artist is going to provided added value to a site by posting content, it follows (to my mind) that the artist would be considered as important to the site revision process.
      Such a shame… it was a great site.
      Now, I much prefer, for its friendliness and transparency.

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